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Wednesday, 25 January 2012



ooh I'll have to try the fried chicken at Tanioka's, must've been good.


I'm putting the first two on my list for fried chicken on the next visit! I think Cousin Long Hui's philosophy is spot on!

Fat Fudge

Why do okazuyas open so early? Are you really suppose to eat such heavy foods for breakfast?


Hi Kat - I'm thinking you'll be back home before I am let me know!

Hi Carol - For sure check out Fukuya!

Hi FF - Historically, this is working class food and many of the folks who eat this start early (i.e. field workers). Since traditional okazuya items keep well, it was an alternative to packing a lunch....stuff like musubi, etc. So if you're starting work at, say seven, you'll hit the okazuya on the way to work to pack a bento for lunch. It probably started with the a Japanese food cart type of business in the fields and expanded to the village lunch box type shop, eventually making it into the cities as Hawaii grew and folks moved from the plantations.


The past few times I've been home and gone to Zippy's, I've been disappointed. I think I'm going to stay away from there so that I can preserve the memories of what I think it tasted like. ;) As for me, my favorite Okazu is Masa and Joyce in Kaneohe.

long hui



The skin on the Tanioka's chicken looks amazing!I want to try it!
I absolutely agree with cousin Long Hui...might as well enjoy life!


Hi James - I agree, other than the one I had at Kaimuki Zippy's the chicken has been a disappointment. I need to check out the windward side next time.

Greetings Long Hui! TGhanks for being the inspiration for this post.

Hi Ange - Yes, I sgree!


Oh My.....

Long Hui and Ms Ped Ma need to get together, both camera hogs for sure, same styleeee. (Yes both pics and food)Now, Ms Ped Ma, being the Thai version of Long Hui vis a vis, food and good time, would enjoy the ride!

Hope you are well.....

Stopped in finally, (after a long long time), to see K at Yara. Always an adventure for sure..

Hope you both are well..



Hey PedMa - Really? I'd never had thought that! I hope all is well.


Thanks man, all is well but working like a dog...

Oh yes, get Ms Ped Ma in a new place with a camera and forget it,'ll see one day.

Went to a place, called Bahn Thai on Park(?). Place is kind of take out, but chef is from issan. Using my limited Thai language skills, got some Kuatiao Pad Kee Mao Gai, ped zip zip to go, they made it Thai hot and I added very limited amount of dried chilli and prik nam som (jalapenos or serranos in white vinegar). Now, I can eat Thai food that is on fire, so for me to add not much chili to a dish means something. Even our Thai friends are suprised that a falang can eat more spicy than a Thai or Lao. Not to brag but just the taste buds I guess. Took Ms Ped Ma back and has a snack, som tom & pad thai. Pad kee mao was better, som tom & pad thai too sweet, but we can have them adjust next go around. Might want to check it out, nice people.


Hi PedMa - I've got to check them out then....

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