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Monday, 16 January 2012



mmm chicharron...and spam on baguette! nice.

Hangzhou Hero

Hm, how do you store your baguettes Kirk? Or are they all consumed within the day?


Wow, I totally thought it read "Swab World" too! Last I heard it was Vietnamese run. Will probably try them in a month or so. I like Sakura's new interior layout, though I kinda miss the tacky artwork on the walls, haha.


Hi Kat - double mmmm....

Hi HH - It depends on what kind of baguette. I've found that a good baguette can last a couple of days if you do this. For one day wrap the baguette in something that can breath, i.e. paper towels, for maore than one day, I use plastic wrap, but will always have to lightly toast it. Otherwise freeze....VN style baguettes will not keep very long. I'veh eard of storing it with a celery stalk or something like that, but have never tried it.

LOL Dennis! Does look like Swab World, huh? I think it's a matter of time before items strart reappearing on the walls....


So Tsuruhashi is no longer there?


Nice. I used to work with a hard core Tubes groupie. We all used to constantly bust his chops over it too. Good times.


Hi Kirk! If you want, I'll go with you to Swab World.


Hey Jeff - No this is next to Sakura. Tsuruhashi is still there.

Hi Jan - That's funny...the Tubes? A groupie.....Fee Waybill? Yikes......

Hi Fred - That sounds like a plan.....let's swab away.....


Khun K, sawadee krab!

BKK looks too good!

Hope you & the missus are well!



Hi PedMa - Yeah we were talking about something else and BKK just sorta came up!


My sis and I visted 'Swab' world for lunch today and it was pretty decent. Pretty empty but they've only been open for a little while. Offering 10% discount and free green tea ice cream :)

We didn't like their ponzu or sesame sauce as much as Shabu House but the meat quality seemed better.

Thanks for the post!


Hi Faye - It does look like 'Swab' doesn't it? Good to hear that it's decent, will have to check the place out.

Hannah J

OMG!!! That tofu dish looks freakin amazin! Since I recently moved up to clairemont, I tried out Sipz... So obsessed with their eggplant delight. I want to know how to make that at home!! Maybe if you ever make something like that, you should post about it ;) Also, the new Sakura looks lovely... might have to go for some uni pasta...


Hi Hannah - Long time no hear! I hope you are doing well! Don't quite know what the eggplant delight is, but may actually set foot in the place to find out. Don't be a stranger!


I thought the sign said "Swab World", too! Which doesn't sound very pleasant... I've heard of Sipz, but haven't tried it yet. Glad to hear some of their dishes can be replicated for a fraction of the cost! I support Hannah J's suggestion that might want to experiment and then share a recipe for eggplant delight!


Hi Alyssa - I guess I better check that dish out out!

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