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Sunday, 22 January 2012



too bad about this place.


Yeah Liang's is now a California wide empire, and what appeared to have started in earnest in San Gabriel Valley is now a money making machine with very little thought put into quality, execution, and delivery. It is quite sad. On the upside, Savory Garden which I visited for the first time last month at 99 Ranch San Diego is not bad, and offers a similar kind of menu, but smaller.

By the way I spent quite a bit of time on your blog prior to visiting SD last month, so thank you so much for what you do. Had a blast trying Pt Loma sea urchin at Little Italy Farmers Market too!


Taiwanese beef noodle soup!!

I really need to try and find a good recipe, cause there aren't any restaurants in Ottawa that attempt to serve Taiwanese fare. =[

ed (from Yuma)

You should get extra points for persistence. I woulda quit trying after a couple lousy visits.


Hi Kat - Yeah, they have consistency issues.....

Hi BNG - Thanks for reading and taking the time out to comment. I hope you enjoyed San Diego. We've been to Savory Garden a couple of that post is coming up. Love your blog BTW.....

Hi Christine - I looks forward to checking out your version of NRM.

Hi Ed - Folks kept telling me how either "good" or how "terrible" the place was......some folks loved the NRM, so I really had to try to find out what they were talking about.


-1 for the squid prep!


Ahhh... the neverending quest for a really good bowl of NRM in San Diego. Just imagine if someone opened up a shop here that served terrific NRM, they'd be packed constantly.


I've been here a few times as well and found each visit inconsistent as well. And yeah, it's a bit tacky how they've raised the prices on their 'popular' items. Makes no sense. And i hate it how they cross off the price on the menu and just hand write in the new 'up' prices. But their thick noodles are terrible - so doughy, thick, under cooked or something. Their regular noodles are so much better.
Can't wait to read your Savory Garden review - visited there once and wasn't too impressed.
Happy New Year Kirk!


Finally, your review! I think it's crazy how this place has been so popular and been able to open so many locations, and all of it really does seem to be based on playing up to the emotions of those missing the military village culture and cuisine. I've been served by that gray sweat pants girl several times, haha.
This place is definitely inconsistent with its dishes, but I find myself coming here more than I really should be, and then get mad at myself for spending more money here.


Hi Jan - Yes, that's about right.....

Hi Jason - You're right, I'm thinknig if it was good and priced right they'd do really well, especially when the weather is cold and rainy like today.

Hi Faye - I agree, totally agree. Xin nian Kuai Le!

Hey Kirbie - I could easily be accused of doing the same....quite easily, as I wonder what the heck am I doing here again.


Bummer on your experience. You are persistent, that's for sure.
Umm, I believe it's a health hazard for a waitress to be serving food, wearing flip-flop sandals on her bare feet. And wearing grey sweatpants! Blech! I would have gotten up and left. There is no excuse for that, and the fact that the squid was served with the quills shows carelessness in the food prep.

jeff c

Kirk and the gang @ mmmyoso, just wanted to wish you all gung xi fa cai. I enjoy this blog so much because I know how passionate you all are about putting this together for us to enjoy week after week. I really appreciate.
happy Lunar nEw Year!


Hi Stephen - I hope the flip flops were just a one time mistake, though based on some of the comments above, the grey sweats are still being worn.

Xin Nian Kuai Le Jeff! Best wishes for the New Year to you and the family. It's always nice to hear from you!

Angela W

Have you tried the niu rou mien at mr. dumpling behind 99 ranch? iI loke that one quite a bit.


Hi Angela - No I haven't tried the NRM from Mr Dumpling. To tell you the truth, I've never had a good meal from Mr Dumpling, but will go and check out their NRM. Thanks for the recommendation.


Happy belated gong xi fa cai, Kirk! Oh, those Salty Pork Stuffed Chili looks like something from "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers."


Hi Carol - Funny, that was one of the better items I had at Liang's.

Catty Critic

Man, that space has changed ownership so many times!


Hi CC - Yes, you're right, at least five times that I recall, New Shanghai => Jamillah Garden => Crawdaddy's => Soju House.....sheesh.


great article, i gotta say their food has improved.

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