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Monday, 02 January 2012



Hi Kirk - we were in your old stomping grounds just a bit after you were. We had better luck at Leonard's - they were pretty quiet when we went (in the evening). On the other hand, we tried to go to the Rainbow, but it was closed for renovations the entire week we were there.

I wish I'd known about W&M Burger - my Honolulu teri-burger experience ended up being at Teddy's Bigger Burgers. Not very good.


Hey Kirk! I loved this post! I went to Jefferson Elementary for a few years before we moved to Hawaii Kai but I've never driven down there the times I've been back. I don't know if I would even remember much with the exception of some photos I have (May Day performances mostly, remember those??).

Oh, malasadas! We always try to get there early early so we miss all the tourist buses. Glad to see the crack seed store is still there since that's where I'll be going to get my 2-ton worth of rock salt plum!

Thanks for taking us on a tour of the past.


Thanks for sharing Kirk! This was a great read.


Nice story about your old 'hood. Is the Crack Seed Store the same as the one that was at the Ala Moana mall? I was sad to hear that the mall store closed; I really liked their li hing mui ginger. This past summer, I boght some from other stores, but it didn't taste as good.

I've had the chili loco moco at Zippys which was tasty. I hope yours was a random bad experience. And I've never seen that long of a line at Leonards! Do you prefer Leonards over Champions for malasadas?


OMG! Chico's what a flashback! loved their pizzas, fried chicken and steak fries!


Thanks for sharing Kirk. It brings back a lot of childhood memories...

Catty Critic

Hey, Hawai'i posts! I was just going thru my pictures of my last visit to the Big Island and thinking, man, I gotta go back soon but maybe take Husband to a different island.

Aw Zippy's... was never a big fan of the chili but Portuguese Sausage!


As usual, your posts made me nostalgic and hungry! I went to Iolani and went to Rainbows, Leonard's and that Zippy's all the time. Rainbows has always had my favorite mac salad, and I love Leonard's plain malasadas (just sugar, I don't even like the cinnamon ones).

I remember when Keo's was on Kapahulu - and strangely, now that it's in Waikiki, it looks almost the same inside.

The Queen Theater picture reminds me of all the old movie houses that have shut down over the years - Royal, Kapiolani, Waikiki 1-2-3, and especially Cinerama. There was nothing like them!


And that song always reminds me of the Channel 2 News!


Hi Mike - Rainbows and W&M are pretty much solid, old school places, no pretense. I'd pick W&M over Rainbows though, it has aged better. Nothing frou frou about either spot.

Yikes, Carol May Day.....

Hi Dennis - I'm glad you enjoyed the post.

Hi Sandy - I believe you're referring to Crack Seed Center? They aren't affiliated as far as I know.

Hi Kat - Actually, I enjoyed the fried chicken at Chico's much more than the pizza!

Thanks Jack! This was a fun one to do.

Hi Rosa - If you like to eat, it'll have to be Oahu.

Hi James - There is no other Malasada to me other than the "original"! Man loved those theaters, Cinerama and Varsity come to mind, though I have a special affinity for Liberty where I saw all those Bruce Lee flicks. If you'd like a story about Keo's, I have one in this post:

And I swear, I got chicken skin when I heard Kanopoli Slack Key at the end of the KHON news......


Awesome post. Miss seeing Hawaii related posts on food. It's
been pretty sparse since Hawnpake passed. You missed my fav
Hawaiian-Korean restaurant. Kim Chee II. Meat jun and big
bone kalbi. Always mean to try the neighboring restaurants
but always end up at Kim Chee. Had WM on my last visit and
they are as consistent as In n Out.


Hi Kyle -I actually used to eat there quite often....yeah, no photos because I didn't stop on that side of the street...Queen Theater photo was from the car. Don't worry though, I'm sure I'll do another post on the area next time I'm home.


I loved hearing about your old stomping grounds. It's funny how what we knew growing up was always the best, but then as we grow older, we realize there's so much better!


Hi Alyssa - I'm glad you mentioned's so true! Though, if I never left Hawaii, I might still have those opnions.


BTW, looks like I will be forced to try Champions for malasada since Leonards is a tourist destination. Leonards should make a killing. I saw them on three different travel/food related shows. Also, been reading that this is the year of the donut.


Hi Kyle - I'm thinking if you go early in the am you'll be fine. I've never had a great malasada later in the afternoon at Leonard's. I didn't care much for Champion, it was really dense and heavy. Let me know what you think.

jay zablan

Aloha Kirk,

Somehow while surfing for a kimchi pancake recipe I ended up on your blog and started reading...brought back some old memories of Kaimuki/Kapahulu area, although I am originally from Kaneohe. Actually, I went to Kaimuki Community Church for kindergarten before moving to Kaneohe.

I worked at Kaimuki Cue for a year and a couple of my dear friends grew up in the area. One of them (Aki)went to Kaimuki HS and was a partner at Hawaiian Brian's Billiards. Another friend, B. Maru, owned Bob's Hawaiian Style Chicken (rotisserie chicken fund-raiser business) and I came back home to help him back in 1999. He told me of paddling down the Ala Wai as a kid with his board to surf in Waikiki, he, he. I guess that was at or before they brought in the electric rental boats near McCully. I was in HS when I took a girl out on one those boats, "making out" like crazy and the boat got stuck near the wall at the Ala Wai blvd. Had to stick my foot in mud halfway up my calf to push out of it.

I have good memories of the manapua shop across the street from the crack seed house, sorry to hear it closed, too. I remember trying to be "inobtrusive" as a teenager with my friends skulking into Queen theater to spock June Wilkerson in her x-rated briefly nude movie, ha, ha. What a waste, had to wait the whole movie before we when spock anything.

Kaimuki was/still is a great little town. I enjoyed your "food adventures" and speaking of southern cal, I really miss that style of Mexican food, having lived in LA a couple of years. Too bad Hawaii can't brag about good Mexican food, as that is one ethnic cuisine lacking here, IMHO. Anyway, keep up the great reviews!
Mahalo, Jay


Hi Jay - Thanks so much for sharing, I really enjoyed your stories! I do appreciate your comment. Kaimuki will always be my "old neighborhood", it was a great place to grow up, even though I didn't realize it at the time! So you're living in the Islands right now, right? Actually, I know Brian Hashimoto...sort of....though I don't think he'd remember me after all these years. Mahalo again and take care!

Ray Fujimoto Lawler

Does anyone remember the name of the drive-in that was on the location of the Waialae Zippy’s?


Hi Ray - When we first moved into the neighborhood in the 60's it was Crown Drive-In.

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