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Thursday, 12 January 2012



what a great place to visit!


Hi Kat - It was!


Photo #11 is now my computer wallpaper. Thanks! Your statement "recalling that mom always said never to eat lying down" reminded me of my mom and her admonition that we should never lie down after we ate because we would sprout horns like a cow. I woke up several times crying because I was afraid I had horns.


Cute photographs.


Hi AZ - My what our parents say to get us to behave appropriately! I'm glad you liek the photos.

Thanks ST!


I never thought about what makes pandas so cute, but they are! I wish we had gone to the center when we were in Chengdu. How close were the pandas? I assume there some sone sort of barrier between the people and pandas.

Once a friend was complaining about how rampant the bamboo in his yard was, and how difficult it was to get rid of. The answer? Get a panda.


I love pandas. I think their cuddliness is part of the attraction. And they seem so carefree.


If the zoo had that kind of food, we'd be members!


Hi Sandy - There was a barrier and a moat if I recall, but they were a lot closer than what is in place at the San Diego Zoo..... a lot more of them the youngsters. Love the overgrown bamboo solution! ;o)

Hi Carol - They sure are darn cute.

LOL Jan.....


Awwww, those pandas are so cute! I like their coloring and their huge heads! My daughter has a Ripley's Believe it or not book and in some parts of China, some people DYE their DOGS' FUR to look like Pandas, as well as zebras and tigers...isn't that animal abuse? 0_o


Hi CC - I read that it is:

Kinda crazy, huh?


It looks like they use a lot of oil in the food, but it looks good anyway. Spicy but good


Hi Grey - The Chinese believe that appropriate amounts of oil need to be used because it's "the pathway to flavor" or osmething like that. This one wasn't too spicy...the stuff I had from Sab E Lee last night on the other hand....


I'm not a panda-crazy type of person (if the line at the zoo is too long, I'll just skip it), but that picture of the sleeping pandas is really cute! That looks like quite a lunch feast you had!


Hi Alyssa - The Missus isn't really one either....which is why I was so surprised She enjoyed the place so much!


What a fabulous article! And the food!! I get to go to Chengdu with a couple of fellow "pandaholics" in September - yup that's what we call those who can't get enough of pandas. Your blog has made me even more excited about our trip! Thank you!


Hi VW - Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment! I hope the "pandaholic" crew gets their fill of them on your trip.

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