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Monday, 30 January 2012



Wow, that sign alone brings back memories! Totally agree about the void in my heart now that Suehiro and Wisteria are gone. And being from Kaneohe, I miss Craig's Bakery, too...but at least Liliha is still there! Thanks for the post!


oh how I miss PSER at McD' your translations too :)


Hey James, you remember Golden Crown? My family ran that place.


Hi James - I know, that sign is iconic. I really miss the old school "local Japanese" that places like Suehiro and Wisteria, which was my mother's favorite restaurant made.

Hi Kat - I hadn't had that in so long, i wondered how it would be.....and it was better (except the eggs) than I rememebered.

Hey Mr Z - I've actually eaten there too....but a very, very lnog time ago. I think it's now Pah Ke's? My friends who live in Kaneohe like Kin Wah......


That was awesome.
I wish some of those joint were around when I grew up. But Mc D. is a must if I'm every visiting Hawaii. LOL
Everything is better with gravy or bacon!


The Hawaiian accent is unmistakeable, but I didn't know there was a shuffle! Once when we were in line at the California casino in Vegas, we started chatting with an older couple. They asked us, "Which island are you from?" Uh, the island of San Diego? I guess they assumed we were (Hawaii) locals without the accent.

We've had the Deluxe breakfast at McDonalds, so I recognized your photo. Must try Like Like Drive Inn next time.


Spam at McD?! How funny!

Was that sunrise photo taken w/ an Iphone? That's a beautiful pic!


Hi Billy - Yes gravy and bacon make everthing taste good!

Hi Sandy - I really didn't realize that either until that gut mentioned it. Perhaps we do move a bit dofferently?

Hi Faye - The photo was taken with my sub compact Canon S90, my everyday small camera. And I think you'd enjoy the Port sausage and Spam at McDonald's!


yeah that was a beautiful sunrise shot, I'll make a point of stopping at McD's if I am on the island. Some very good looking breakfast fare.


The grandparents sold Golden Crown sometime in the mid 90's or so, and then retired. I question the wisdom of the new owners in renaming the place Pah Kee.

If you were there in the summer from around 1986 to 1990 or so, you might have seen little kid me running around with my cousins.


Thanks TFH! It's kind of funny that McDonald's sells PSER and saimin.....

Hi MrZ - I probably did see you running around, because it would have been around '88 - '89.

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