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Sunday, 15 January 2012





this post is a total win


LOL Kat! I think it's the Missus' favorite breakfast palce now.

Hi Grey - I hope you check them out.


Wow, Kirk--this sounds great! Next eating club outing??

ed (from Yuma)

A great find. I gotta get me some birria soon.


Hi Jenne - Man, we better get on it....we'll be two behind now.

Hi Ed - Yeah, this place was good.


I wish I had a chance to try out goat when I was in OC. Always a next time.


Hey Billy - You try out Binh Danh if they're still there!


I ate here the first week it was opened and it was abysmal.

On your recommendation I will give it another try.

What do you recommend and what was the best?


Hi Jeff - Try the taco rojo or the borrego a la plancha. I was able to really dial in the flavor I wanted. For me, it was better than Don Rafa and Chivos and Cheves.


This is by far the best Birria in San diego, everything is fantastic, the music the food, the service. You should try the special of the house "BORREGO A LA PLANCHA"


Hi Edgar - Thanks for dropping by and commenting...but really, did you even read anything I wrote? Just wondering......


Where is Chivos and Cheves?
I went there today just to see if they improved since I went the first week of their opening. I had the taco rojos: one goat and one lamb.

Both were good but I liked the lamb better.

I thought the tacos were better than Aqui es Texcoco.

Next time I will try the Birria de Borrego since Aqui es Texcoco doesn't make that.


Hi Jeff - Yes, we like the lamb more too....

We didn't enjoy Birrias Chivos & Cheves quite as much, though you should check it out:
Birrias Chivos & Cheves
2401 Highland Avenue
National City, CA 91950

Hours 8am-8pm Daily


How do you like it compared to Birrieria Y Pasteleria La Nortenita?

I tried El Borrego and wasn't impressed maybe because I went at lunch time and I thought the meat was re cooked and it was slightly cold.


Hi Jeff - You do realize that La Nortena, Aqui es Texcoco, and Birrieria's la Guadalajara are all from different regions right? La Nortena made good barbacoa and decent birria, Aqui es Texcoco(from Central Mexico - Texcoco is a couple of miles from Mexico City)) makes good barbacoa, Guadalajara (Jalisco - West Central) is known for birria from what I recall. I don't quite remember where the owners of El Borrego are from from I do know that Tlaxcala is known for Barbacoa en Mixiote which is East Central my geography take it with a grain of salt.

Masa Assassin

Ahhh Kirk I'm sitting in an airport and I can almost smell the aroma of birria coming through my iPad. You made my day, I'm going have to make a trip down south with Ms. Masa. Wonderful post. Boy do I miss these kind of places.


Hey MA, it's great to hear from you! Let me know what you think. Personally, I like the borrego a la plancha and taco rojo....we also had the cabeza jugo recently which was quite good. Happy New Year! I'm hoping the Assassin is returning from exile this year?

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