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Monday, 05 December 2011



Welcome back Kirk! Can't wait to read all about your trip! i like the 'bombucha' size of Primo!!!!


*homesick* now, but glad you got to do/eat all this, hope you & the missus (and her family) had fun!


Aw Kirk...posts like this are what brought me to your blog many moons ago! Can't wait to hear about it.


wow! I can't think of a much better promise to have to keep =) so happy for you to have the chance to visit back home!


Welcome back Kirk! Looking forward to your posts!


LOL CC! You can get that size of Primo here in San Diego as well!

Hi Kat - I was glad to be able to check out some places that were on my list during my trip.

Thanks Jack! I'm glad you still read our blog.

Hi Lynnea - This was an easy one to keep.

Thanks Dennis!


I was in Oahu this summer, and you're reminding me that I miss the poke. That bowl of oxtail soup looks so yummy!

We made several trips to the Ala Moana mall (love that food court!), but none to the Waikele outlet this time (nothing unique there for us).

Can't wait to hear details! Maybe I'll have to visit Lanai next time.


Welcome back! Can't wait to see your posts, though I know it will just make me want to take a trip to Hawaii.


Glad you had a good time in Hawaii. I am also from Lanai but haven't been back for a loong relatives left there. Anyway, have never heard of Spam flavored Mac Nuts. Where do you get them. I go back to visit Hawaii at least a couple times a year. Especially Big Island.


Hi Sandy - Lana'i really hasn't changed much since the last time I visited, which was really nice. If you like slowing down a bit, you'll love it.

Hi Kirbie - Airfares to HNL from SAN were priced pretty good when we purchased our tickets, so you may want to check it out.

Hi Hulacook - I passed by a shop in the airport, but you can get it from Hamakua Macadamia Nut Company online. I believe I saw these at a couple of markets - the Hamakua Shop is located in Kawaihae:


Welcome back, Kirk! Your fondness for your home is so great to read - and who wouldn't be fond of a place full of flowers and food? Looking forward to all the details.


Kaukau time brother.....

Got another Thai place for you to try....Thai Society in Encinitas. Got some good pa-low pork belly....

Travel safe


Hi Mizducky - Long time no hear! I hope all is well.

Hey PedMa - You do get around! I still gotta get some rec's for Lanna from you! We did get some great grindz.....


It looks like amazing sunny weather over there! Hawaii is so beautiful.. those orchids.. wow! Spam flavoured nuts? How did they taste? It's always fun buying fun snackies. Can't wait for all your other posts!


Hi Christine - The weather was pretty good, it rains but usually only during the morning. The mac nuts tasted kinda like Spam.....


Welcome back Kirk! Never been to Lana'i but it's one of those last-on-the-list or maybe-next-time island hops for us. Look at all dat ono poke!


Hi Carol - Lana'i was very relaxing for us. We did try to get as much poke as we could.

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