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Monday, 19 December 2011



awesome post and shout out, am dreaming of the alley's lemon crunch cake, had it two times this past summer....I miss that Santa too.


yeah kirk looks like there are some healthy options out there now with the plate lunch. I have to say never heard of ahu belly going to have to try that sometime. Is that salsa what they call "lomi lomi tomatoes" or did Roy just make that up?


Hi Kat - Thanks to you for your post....The Alley was probably my favorite meal! The Ala Moana Santa is a landmark for me!

Hi Grey - No salmon, plus the dice was too big for lomi lomi salmon. We were pleasantly surprised at the number of places with more healthy options. Aku Belly is basically tuna belly (Aku = Skipjack). Many folks used to eat this at home, it used to be a very cheap cut......


Thanks for identifying the oxtail soup that you hinted at in your first post about this trip. I will have to try it on my next visit. Last time, we had the soup at Zippys, and it's about the same price range at the restaurant (the fast food side was a bit cheaper).


WOW, all the eating. One day the Wife and I will travel to Hawaii.


Hi Sandy - You may want to check out Kapiolani Coffeeshop in Waimalu as well.

Hi Billy - Yes, you should take a trip there! I hope you got enough to eat in SoCal!


Wow, have to try the Alley next time I visit. Haven't been back in two years and see a lot of new places I want to try not to mention the tried and true places. Have you tried Ethel's Grill? Thats one place I really want to try.


Hi Kyle - I did, maybe 15 or so years was good. I still haven't made it back there, but I heard that the lousy parking is even worse now!


The Pineapple Room and Nico's Pier 38 have been on my list for a few years now. My list is only 3 pages only because I "try" to trim it down every year while new ones are added. So I'm taking Pineapple Room off, moving Nico's waaay down on the list and adding The Alley Restaurant Bar & Grill near the top! We always stop by that area when we fly in or go to the flea market so it'll be easy enough to find a reason to stop by for oxtail soup and tasty chicken.


Hi Carol - I'd still check both of them out, you might enjoy the food.

The Food Detective

So how many Alan Wong's restaurants are there? I went to the one where you have to go up the elevator. There are a lot of oxtails in that bowl!

Taiwan is fun. I have a lot of pictures to show you. They certainly don't eat spicy around here.


I don't think I've ever tried fish with pesto and it's definitely not something I would except to eat in Hawaii! Sorry to hear the Loco Moco was disappointing. I never would have imagined a bowling alley to serve great food! Great post!


Hi TFD - The Pineapple room is AW's more casual restaurant. Alan Wong's is still among my favorite places for dinner.

Hi Alyssa - The Alley was my favroite food stop on this trip! Happy Holidays!

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