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Saturday, 10 December 2011



Holy sh**! I feel a bit ill...


cubed blood, dunno that I could eat that, everything else looked good though.

ed (from Yuma)

OK -- I'm missing something.

Explain for us clueless ones who can't read Chinese. Oh my what??


Hi Carol - It was quite a surprise for us too!

Hi Kat - I really enjoyed the blood.

Hi Ed - You'll just have to wait for the answer.


Oh dear. It all looked so tasty until you put the sign at the end!


Hi SK - We didn't even know until I had the Missus translate the sign from my photo!


I don't think I need a translation, I figured it out on my own. As soon as you said "sweet" I thought OH OH!


Just wondering that broth looks really milky more so than when I make milkbone soup is it all just from the bones or do they add something else like soymilk?

Fat Fudge

Okay, was it goat, dog...or human being?!?


Hi AZ - LOL!

Hi Grey - I don't think they added milk. The broth was very mild, though.

Hi FF - As the song goes..."two out of three ain't bad".

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