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Tuesday, 13 December 2011



never been to nam fong but love royal kitchen


Hi Kat - Now I'm craving some baked manapua too.....


Hopefully next year I'll get a chance to revisit Hawaii with my food goggles on! I'll have to ask for recs then too. Thanks for sharing as always Kirk.


I love lup cheong too! Any tips on getting good lup cheong in San Diego?


Interesting - those manapua have a much more toasted "bread-like" look to them than the white "Bao-style" one's at Char Hung Sut.


Wow, the pork and duck look great!


Hi Dennis - There are tons of places to won't have to work too hard.

Hi Soo - I usually just get the same brand that I'm happy with. The Missus family do make their own Chinese sausage, but I haven't tried making them yet.

Hi Mike - It is much more "bready" and I kinda prefer it to the usual huge manapua - which you can even get at 7/11 in Hi BTW.....

Hi Carol - The duck was surpringly good!


This is probably the best chinese BBQ in Honolulu chinatown but still not as good as some of the BBQ place in the main land. There is a bakery across the street from Nam Fong the sell Hawaii version of peanut brittle that is very good. You should try it next time. I do not remember the name of it.


Hey Beach - Happy holidays! The duck is still better than anything in San Diego. The roast pork, not so much.


I cheat and use google map to figure out the name of the bakery. It is called Sing Cheong Yuan Bakery. Happy holidays to you and the misses. Call me next time you come up for a road trip.


Actually, it is right next to Nam Fong.


Which brand lup cheong do you like? Where do you get it at?


Hi Soo - I used to get it from 99 Ranch Market.....of course you could make your own, I still haven't tried it. I'll email you the brand the next time I buy some.

Hey Beach - I'll give you a call next time I'm set to be up that way.


I reeeeeeeeeeally want to visit Hawaii for the eats! That duck!


Hi Su-Lin, You'll love it there!

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