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Tuesday, 06 December 2011



I wish I could get fresh poke in OC. Every place I've seen poke has been a disappointment or they serve the tough part of the fish.

I've been in OC for a few days now and I kinda feel sushi out. Three days of sushi has put a strain on my stomach ;-)
KBBQ - check
Fish Tacos - check
Banh mi - check
Peruvian - check
In Out - check

I should gain some weight but lacking body fat and the cold weather does not help.


Oh yummy poke! One of my goal in life is to eat poke from Hawaii once a year. Welcome back!


nice list! I gotta go check out your #2 and #1 places, never been.


LOL Billy! Too much of a good thing, eh? I hope you're getting enough to hold you until your next trip. It is pretty cold this year.

Thank YY! Hope you got some...the year is almost over!

Hi Kat - You gotta get over to Lana'i if you've never makes for some great relaxation.


The family finally got to liking poke on our trip this summer, but we played it safe by getting it at Foodland. Next time, we'll expand our horizons and use your list.


Wow, Lana'i looks really nice.

Do you have a recommendation for decent poke in SD?


We just got back from our first trip to Hawaii. Our poke explorations were not as extensive as yours, but Ono Seafood was my favorite of the ones we had. Really good stuff.


Guess I know what I'm going to have to make for dinner tonight....


wish we had gotten some poke when we were in hawaii recently, looks delicious... now we'll know where to go!


Hi Sandy - Actually, a couple of Foodland and Safeways do make pretty good poke, but they are not all created equal if you know what I mean. The Foodland in Ewa Beach uses some really bad looking "saku" fish. Do give a shop like Tamura's or Yama's a shot during your next trip!

Hi Jan - Sorry to say I make my own here in San Diego. Most places use really lousy fish or drench everything in a sauce/marinade or both. The places that use decent fish will charge you $$$.

Hi Mike - There are acutally a couple of places in that area that do a decent job. Loved the quality of fish, but they need to get better limu.

Let me guess Jack...ummm, Lasagne? Just kidding....

Hi Paul - You were just down the street from Ono Seafood at Rainbows too!

Catty Critic

I take a hiatus from blog reading and come back to find pictures of delicious poke. Oh poke...*drool* This only makes my desire to go back to Hawaii even stronger! Maybe when the kid's older, I'll show him where Mommy spent 2nd-5th grade...


You're killing me Kirk! I think I need to head down to Catalina Offshore and pick up some fresh fish to make some poke!


Hi Rosa - It's so nice to hear from you! I didn't know you went to Elementary School in the islands.

Hi Carol - We tried to get as much poke as we could......

Jeff C

Poke,poke,poke,poke,....Its all i've got on my mind now. I think I've been to Ono's if its on Kauai. Great introduction to poke there.
Happy Holidays to you and the Missus and the kids.


Hi Jeff - Sorry about that....but obviously the same thing was on my mind while on vacation! ;o) This place is on Oahu, in Kapahulu, ut I've no doubt that you had your share while visiting!


Beautiful pictures, of the poke and the beaches! I was wondering what "Broke da mouth" meant, but that's definitely not what I expected!


Hi Alyssa - Broke da' Mouth is a good thing...except when they literally try to do that to you!


Hey Kirk! Did you hit up Da Pokeman in Wahiawa? (right on Kam Hwy just north of h2) ohh so fresh and good. Grabbed a couple pounds shoyu and spicy )and a side of long rice.)

Really small shack.. Like maybe room for 5 standing people only. Fresh fish caught that morning. Always solid.

Can't wait to go back home to visit.

Denny aka da big boy from Ewa


BTW Bristol Farms in UTC does a regular and spicy. Not the best but I've had worse in Hawaii.

Expensive though at 14/lb.


Hey Denny - Thanks for the rec! I've added it to my list! I've tried the poke from Bristol Farm....lets put it this way, I'd rather just make my own.

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