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Thursday, 08 December 2011



Yes, it's been cold here, but I can understand the shock when you come back from Hawaii! We went to DC in November one year; when we left SD, it was in the 80s and DC was in the 30s! When we got back to SD, the warm sun felt soooo good, even though it was probably only in the mid 60s.

I was thinking of having pho for dinner, but we ended up at Tan Ky Mi Ga.


I'm gonna have to find something soupy for lunch is fahreezing :)


When it gets cold here, one of my favorites is the nabeyaki udon at Shizuoka.


Last night I was freezing so me and my son went to....Pho Lucky!


we've been having soup that i made with turkey sausage, vegetablers and kale. but pho sounds much better!

Passionate Eater

I agree about the cold, I prefer the warm much more! I guess that adage is true: "you can take the Kirk out of Hawaii, but you can't take the Hawaii and Hawaii lovin' out of Kirk!"



We tried it at yu me ya in Encinitas. Was OK, not as good as wa dining okan. Couldn't believe they ran out of draft Kirin on Saturday when they just opened for dinner!

Maybe we will go have some hot pot -- only to eat it too fast and have molten tofu burn my stomach.


Hi Sandy - That's it exactly.......

Hi Kat - I can only's much colder in your neck of the woods!

Hi Adam - Nabeyaki Udon is great......I usually make my own though. 2 parts soy sauce (both dark and light) to 1 part dashi, 4 to one ratio of mirin and sugar to dashi to start. The hardest part is finding good noodles.

That's too funny Jack! Cathy told me they also hit up Pho Lucky as well.

Hi CC - Any soup with great, comforting flavors would do, and yours sounds great.

LOL PE! I guess you can take the boy out of the islands, but you can never take the island out of the boy.... I hope all is well!

Hi Liver - Man Huo that would fix you right up!


I made tuna casserole but now I'm hungry for some poke.


I've been eating a lot of packaged ramen with extra gojijang in the broth. Pho right now would be heavenly!


I know what you mean about the cold: these nights, I'm found wrapped in a blanket on the couch, too cold to move. It's definitely pho season!


LOL Grey!

Hi Carol - Actually, I'm now thinking of some nice rich Tonkotsu ramen!

Hi Alyssa - You're's soup time without a doubt.


Yeah, the chilly weather's been getting to me too, Kirk. I've been working my way through the soups at Hoai Hue. Their bun bo Hue and banh canh tom cua warmed me right up!


Hey Mizducky - You shuld give Danang across the street a shot too....they used to make their own Cha Lua.

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