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Sunday, 18 December 2011





Nice Kirk. I'm not the biggest fan of split dogs but they have their place I guess. I've seen several brands of natural casing dogs at Seisel's including Usinger's, Nathan's and also Sabrett. Even natural casing Hoffy's once which Pink's in L.A. uses. But any one of those should've poked out of the buns.


Hi Kat - It was pretty good.

Hi Dennis - That's why I said Sabrett-style. BTW, have you seen the Wagyu dogs at Seisel's? I'll have to try those one day.


That's a pretty good price for a dog. I don't mind split wieners when they are on the larger side but when it's smaller, I prefer whole. I just had some natural casing dogs made from farm raised pigs this weekend and it was okay. Wasn't sure what I was expecting but I was a bit surprised at how mild it tasted.


Hi Carol - I wasn't real keen on the butterflied dog as well, but it turned out to be ok.


Yup tried about 2 weeks after they opened, gulped down 2 mustard dogs. Need to do the steamed bun thing and I worked Daddy on getting some crunch, i.e. natural casing 4 da real deal!

Now, new Thai opened up on Park down by Savoy Deli, called Bahn Thai have not tried yet.

Lanna.....hmmm. Try Bangkok Steak, i.e Sarong hai, best in SD because medium rare comes out medium rare and not overdone beef salad stylie. Dipping sauce is also very good. Also, get Jack the owner, and he will have the Isan chef do some Kanom Jin, if ingredients are available. Also, pretty much Thai staff so if you want it hot indicate PedPed or PedMa, or get Jack involved. Mention P-Cookie and P-Ron and they will understand the connection.


Happy Holidays PedMa!



Hot dog rollers

I just had some natural casing dogs made from farm raised pigs this weekend and it was okay. Wasn't sure what I was expecting.

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