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Tuesday, 08 November 2011



When you mentioned "meat hugger", I imagined someone running around Vons tightly embracing packs of bacon... but i guess your definition makes more sense. :)

I do kinda feel like SD is getting gourmet burger overload though... The Counter, Smashburger, Hodads, Five guys, Burger lounge, etc... it seems like the most rapidly expanding food demographic nowadays.


yum! gonna seek out a burger for lunch tomorrow now that I've seen this...


LOL Jason! Maybe we need to call that a "hog hugger"? There seems to be a burger place opening every The Habit burger in Mission Valley, sheesh....I wonder what the saturation point is?

Hi Kat - I hope you get a good one!


I ain't missing much here in regards to burgers. Big'z Burger Joint is my joint and don't forget the over easy egg.


Wow I wonder if this is the cause for a noticeable decline in Five Guys Burger crowds. Will give it a try and hope it is better than another recent opening The Habit


Hi Bill - I'm glad you're at least able to get some good burgers where you're at!

Hi Mike - It could be; though I really didn't think much of Five Guys burgers. I'm wondering how many burger places we have per capita in San Diego now?


As long as In-n-Out doesn't close, I'll be happy. ;)


Eventually... much like the Boba Boom of the early 2000's, the Fanatic Froyo of the mid 2000's, and now the Burger Blast of the 2010's... there will be a burger place in every mall, strip mall, and busy street in San Diego.

I'll put this in writing now... but i bet the next trend in the coming years will be the upscale cafeteria dining, a la Urban Plates. Maybe that would be a good place to do a post, or their neighbor Taverna Blue (which i found funny since apparently the owner of the Daphnes chain wanted to prove that he actually knew how to cook good greek food, so he opened Taverna Blue).

fool for food

That location had been a Sports Bar, so it looks like they didn't have to remodel too much.

The whole 50 percent bacon thing makes me think of a new use for the big bag of bacon bits that Costco sells.

Along with the flood of new burger joints, we also have the revival of the individual Boll Weevils.


Hi Jan - Same here.....

Hi Jason - OK, we've got that one documented! Remind me of this when it happens, ok? ;o)

Hi FFF - Burgers, burgers, everywhere......


Love this place, ironic I managed to send you this just before you posted it on your website. I'll mention one thing you missed - vampire dip. Wonderful garlic, cheese & artichoke dip which is actually outstanding on a 50/50 burger. I've loved this place since I first went to the one in anaheim


Hi Loren - Yes, that was some great timing! I'll try that when we go back. Thanks for the recommendation.


I ate at the OC location a few months back and I ordered the 50/50 build your own burger with grilled onions, pickles, baby greens, brioche bun, garlic aoili and ANCHOVIES! I have to say the anchovies made a very good burger...out-of-this-world. You have to try this next time you are there. Really, really good!


Hi JeffB - OK, I'll add that to my "build the burger list". Thanks for the suggestion!

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