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Sunday, 13 November 2011



too bad the dishes didn't pan out...the prices sounded right though.


I was surprised to read that A&J's beef noodle soup didn't suit your tastes. Chef Chen has some really good hotpot dishes and I still need to try out their beef noodle soup because it does look really good in the picture!
Few days ago I went to have lunch at 101 Noodles Express in the same plaza and ended up parking behind 99 Ranch, where the only open parking spots were left. Maybe not many people know that area exist.
Taiko always has a line and I don't quite get it either, except that my former coworkers insisted that the restaurant was very good.


Hi Kat - The NRM wasn't bad and the prices are quite good.

Hi Jess - You're right, I'm not there enough and didn't know about those spots. A&J really wasn't very good when we tried it.....

Gypsy Jan

Hi Kirk,

That line at Taiko has been a fixture since I worked in the area in the 80's.

I went there for sushi, but the majority of the customers flooded the dining rooms for the reasonably priced, generously portioned lunch menu specials and I guess that is still the case.


There's so many NRM places in the Irvine area but I've been disappointed by most of them. I recently saw a new one in the 85C bakery plaza that is supposed to be award winning, but the reviews were really bad so I didn't try it out. I keep meaning to ask, have you tried Dai Ho in Temple City? I think that is my favorite spot for a good beef broth.


Hi Jan - It's so nice to hear from you and thanks for the info. I was kinda wondering what that was all about.

Hey Kirbie - I gotta say that great minds think alike! ;o) Dai Ho is by far one of my favorites....though the guy who runs the place is not the nicest fellow in the world.


I also was disappointed in the A&J in that shopping center. Chef Chen is much better! I'd recommend the hand cut noodles with the beef noodle soup next time, though!

Taiko's always has a line, and it is usually that long right before they open (at 11:30am?). Once they open, they seat quite a few people at once. I've never been there, though.


My family loves going to Taiko. There's usually a line when they open at lunch and again at dinner because they don't take reservations. Also, many people wait early to sit at the sushi bar. They've always had generous portions for reasonable prices, and it seems like many of the customers speak Chinese.


Taiko ain't worth the wait IMO.
But if it's free I'm there ;-)


Hi Caroline - Yes, I'll have it with the knife cut noodles next time.

Hi Sandy - That's interesting.....I've always thought of it as being Americanized Japanese food.

Hi Bill - LOL! Are you in SoCal yet? I know you had your list ready!


Dec. 2nd I cannot wait. My mouth is watering just to think about all the food I have missed out on.


Hi Bill - You'll have to tell me all about it, ok?


Taiko is, indeed, an Americanized Japanese restaurant. The quality at the sushi bar is very good, and to me, less expensive than going to Sushi Ota.


Hi Sandy - So th sushi at Taiko is as good as Ota? Now I'll have to check it out.....


It's a pity there is no delivery service at Chef Chen. I remember I came here a long time ago with my family. All of the dishes were high quality. Definitely try the Chinese-style roast beef. As far as i remember, i was crazy about it.

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