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Sunday, 27 November 2011



Hi Cathy! I like the giant fried egg rolls here, and I wrote about the jelly fish salad a while back. Really enjoyed that too.
I love the fried shrimp paste wrap too. I recognize the thin bean curd skin in Japanese as Yuba but I always forget the actual Vietnamese name of the dish too. Tau Hu Ky, but I'm sure it'll leave my mind once I'm at a restaurant again, haha.

ed (from Yuma)

It's so weird. I haven't been in Phuong Trang in years -- not that it was ever bad, but it was the first big vietnamese restaurant I discoved back when I lived in SD (many moons ago) and so it seems old hat to me now. I'd forgotten all the good things I had there back in the day. Too many restaurants, not enough days.


Jelly fish salad! I love jelly fish.


Rice paper on spring rolls make bubbly wrappers. The rice plate with the ground shrimp looks yummy, and so does the grilled pork with egg.


I missed your post, Dennis...also apparently skipped over your Thanksgiving Eve post, where you did mention TauHuKy...I need to slow down; things have been hectic. Yes, the jelly fish salad is done very well here, as is everything we've tried.
It is a good restaurant, ed, quite large and I do think a great place to introduce people to Vietnamese dishes. Our first Vietnamese place was Pho Hiep &Grill, smaller but good and also still a favorite. Yes, there are a lot of restaurants here.
The version here is really good, Carol.
Ah, it is a different paper used, thank you Sandy. The rice plates are very good here.


hi cathy - i like it at the Vietnamese Denny's! I love their bun with shrimp paste and sugar cane and their fried spring rolls. it's time for a revisit - that way I can go to big joy bakery next door for those macarons! huminah!


Hi, cc- The food is really good here; we've never been disappointed. Yes- fresh macarons after the meal. Big Joy is a great bakery and place for a dessert and 'fancy' beverage.


Thanks for introducing me to a place where I can take my friends who have never tried Vietnamese food! The only time I've had tofu goi cuon was at a friend's house in Garden Grove. I'm glad to know there is a place in San Diego that I can order them!


You're welcome, Alyssa. I think Phuong Trang has good food and it's large and brightly lit...kind of 'fancy' for Vietnamese, but the prices are good and not 'fancy'. I've been trying tofu goi cuon when I see it.

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