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Thursday, 17 November 2011



Brings back great memories...I like my Chi-town dogs flavored with celery salt.


Was that a green tomato on the dog? One day I'll make it to Chicago and have to re-read all your posts again... Thanks for sharing as always.


hi kirk,
my brother had me bring him a dog from Superdawg...(i like those boxes!)It was a cold limp mess by the time we got back to San Diego but he didn't care!




Oh man, another 5 star post. Kirk, you are killing it bro. I think the gardenia makes the sandwich. Yeah, there is beef, and jus..and bread but those are just after thoughts.


I do too Liver. It seems that the versions outside of Chicago go really easy on the stuff.

Hi Dennis - That is the signature pickled green tomato....but come to think of it, I don't recall having that on the dog I got from Midway.

Hi CC - That is funny.....

LOL Kat!

Hi Grey - Beef and bread are afterthoughts? Man, you are a big time giardinera fan!


What? No picture of the hot dog after you brought it home? It is the least you could do, what with all the *nice* pictures of food you always post and all.


Hi Jan - You mean make the Missus wait until I got my camera out to take a photo??? No chance.....


Glad you were able to make it home safe with the Superdawg! Did the TSA give you any trouble getting on the plane with it?


No TSA problem Alyssa! ;o) I'm pretty sure a lot of folks do what I did......

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