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Tuesday, 11 October 2011



Hi Cathy! When I get the time I'm doing a Com Tam series but the one from Saigon was Gianormous and one of the best deals. That Banh xeo looks delicious! Must try.

ed (from Yuma)

Yumm. Reminded me of a clay pot catfish that was so tasty there a few years ago. Looks like a good meal.


It's been a while since I've been there. That Banh Xeo looks huge (and tasty).


Great idea Dennis - Com Tam series! I can't wait. Most places put smaller/dried shrimp in the pancake batter, but here there are just large shrimp as part of the filling. It is very good.
I suppose the pot is clay, or clay covered cast iron, ed; it was very heavy, even when empty. The Mister said he didn't want to be the person cleaning it...
JF, the food is wonderful here, as always. I don't know why we forgot and am glad nothing has changed.


Weird the sprouts is supposed to be cook lightly and not serve raw. Any case that just too much sprouts.


We were here recently for dinner, and while I didn't look, my friend saw the last page of the menu, and the last item was number 350 something.

I hadn't been here in awhile, and I thought the food we had wasn't as good as it used to be. The claypot catfish was still delicious.


A bean sprout taco! Makes a Japanese Mexican's heart soar with joy!


That looks like a pretty good portion of catfish. The "small" bowl of pho looks pretty large as well!


The catfish hot pot looks fantastic! That would be so good anytime with some rice.


The fried stuffed crepe looks absolutely fantastic! Wish we lived closer by!!!


Yes, usually the sprouts are stir fried in other versions of Banh xeo we have had, bill. I used the excess raw items (sprouts, lettuce, mint) and had a salad.
Sorry it wasn't as good as usual for you, Sandy. That version of catfish, we had never had here before. But we will have again.
That is what it looks like, AZ!
Very large portions of each, Alyssa. Good thing it was lunch-we didn't really have much for dinner that day.
It came with rice, Carol. I just didn't eat any :(.
Banh xeo usually has small shrimp cooked into the batter, this version was different (those were fairly large shrimp inside), CandiRae.

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