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Monday, 17 October 2011



hopefully the service will improve.


That first pork dish looks amazing! Haven't had a chance to drop in yet, but one of these days..


I agree...Peter does want to keep eating the stewed pork before they take it off the menu.
Thank you for the suggestion.


Hi Kat - It's usually qutie good, just on those two occasions was it bad.....

Hi Dennis - It's a fairly classsic Thai dish that's everywhere in Thailand and there some good examples of it in Thai town.

Hi Ange - I know Peter wants to get his shots in! I'm hoping it becomes part of the regular menu.


You had me at Khao Kha Moo.
I cannot wait to for my SoCal trip in December.
Things to eat in SoCal.
1. In n Out
2. Inka Mamma
3. Fukada
4. Shiensegumi
5. Langer's
6. Banh Mi
7. Sushi
8. Baja fish tacos
9. I reserve the rights to eat more...
10. korean bbq
11. korean soonduboo


Yay! Now I have some guidance on what to order. I knew this place had some special dishes- I just didn't know what. Family is wary of me ordering dishes beyond the popular Americanized ones unless I tell them "Kirk recommended it"


Hi Billy - Only 11....that list is much too short! ;o)

Hi Kirbie - I'm sure there are more to try, but once you develop a pattern it's hard to break!


Hi Kirk,

I had the Kaho Karr Moo at Koon today. Man it was good! I thought it was pretty good without the dipping sauce, and then when I tried it with the sauce it was excellent. They got the balance of flavors right there. I hope they keep it on the menu for a good long time, although that might not be good for everyone's cholesterol levels!


Hi Fred - I'm glad you enjoyed it......I do hope they keep it on the menu.


Ped ma here, was here awhile ago...say 3-4 months or so.Close to the opening, one to three weeks..

They had a southern curry on the menu, gang som, which was quite good. Don't know if it was on the menu but worth a try. Also, might be a chef change here early on which accounts for some variation.

Another suggestion.....try Lanna, but ask for Jack. Shoot me an e-mail and I can tell you what and where etc. Hope you are well!


Hi PedMa - So you haven't been back to Koon? I'll try Lanna again, I tried the place in the past and didn't enjoy it too much..... It's always nice to hear from you!


Yes, we went back a couple of times since. At Lanna,we are able to get "off the menu" items. The chef is actually from Isan, but just some typical off the menu items, Kao Kao Moo, Kao Soi, Som Tom Mahmuang. The sarong hai or bangkok steak is pretty good as every other restaurant seems to over cook it. Pad Thai Isan style might also be avialble,they do have miang kum which is pretty good as well, listed as Spinach wrap. Other than that, you are right, pretty much a falang menu.

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