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Saturday, 01 October 2011



We tried this restaurant for the first time at night last week, and liked it very much! The homemade pasta tasted really good. Good to see photos and a post from the brunch menu. =)


hi cathy
we've eaten there for brunch, lunch, and dinner. we've liked it all 3 times. having a coupon was also a plus! service was supernice too.


Hey Cathy! Everything looks so good, especially that steak salad.


What a fun coincidence, Jess! It is out of the way, yet so convenient and a wonderful find.
cc! I just looked at your blog and saw your posts- the dates may be why I missed seeing (all three) of them... It is great food. We did get a coupon for 20% off if we go back in 7 days...
Hi Carol- that salad was perfectly dressed and the steak was melt in your mouth. I could eat it every day...


Oh, it's a hat! And all this time I thought it had to do with anatomy. :)


Oooh, what a nice restaurant!


There you go, janfrederick. Trivia for the day-done.
It's a really nice place, in an unexpected location, Nate.

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