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Wednesday, 19 October 2011



I wish I could have cilantro, tastes terrible and soapy to me :(


Oh yum, that tilapia looks delicious. And the salad looks huge


Ceviche (and cocteles) are always made to order at Mariscos restaurants, Dylan. Many people think cilantro tastes soapy and ask for it to not be used in preparations. Welcome to the comment side of our blog.
The fish was extremely good as was the salad, Kirbie...that shell shaped bowl is deceptively large.


hi cathy - wow, they have really good prices for their tacos! mmmm, pulpo and marlin!!!! and that salad is calling to me!


Hi Cathy! Wow that tilapia looks huge. That seems like a really good price for all that with the seafood soup.


Hi, cc. We were torn about what to order as a first time meal...and the tacos were tempting (and I do love marlin(and smoked fish in general)) The salad description (and my craving that day) got me. Next time, a coctele!
Hi Carol! The fish was quite large and meaty, fried just right and the soup was a bonus we were not expecting. There was both a seafood and a shrimp soup on the lunch menu, and those would be a consideration if the days actually stay foggy and cold past 10 a.m.


Love whole fried fish myself but prefer flounder more since the fins are tastier and have more fat on it.


I don't think I've ever ordered a shrimp salad anywhere, but this photo is making me think I should! I love fried fish and that tilapia looks so good. It reminds me of family dinners as a kid when my mom would get a couple whole fishes fried at 99 Ranch.


Fried whole flounder is very good, nhb. I've only had it at Asian restaurants here. Other than tilapia being at most $2.50/lb, I don't know why other fish choices aren't offered for frying...
Hi Alyssa. Glad to give you some good memories. I think I wanted to try this version of shrimp salad, because it's similar to a recipe I threw in near the bottom of my second post here.

ed (from Yuma)

Looks great. San Diego is full of little gems and you and kirk keep tantalizing me. More tasty looking food than I will ever get to.


You have found some gems too, ed. It's good we have this place on the interweb to share our finds.

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