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Sunday, 30 October 2011



looks perfect for $3.50!


I think it's worth $3.50! And not that it matters but did it come with soup? ;)


perfect old men meals--decent quality, decent quantity, and above all, CHEAP! :)


It's well worth $3.50 Kat!

Hi Dennis - Sorry, this is a really pared down version...though I bet they would give me broth if I wanted it.

Hi Santos - Perfect on three counts!


At first I was $8.50! then I was :-) $3:50! get out of here. At least you get sauted green oinions that's a premium ;-)


Totally worth $3.50! and $5 for duck soup. For that price, you can order a second one if the first one wasn't enough.


Hi Bill - It does look like an 8, doesn't it?

Hi Carol - I agree!


Reminds me of that breakfast post you did a month or two ago of that dive bar (I'm too lazy to search for it). One of those places where the food might not be the best, but for its price it's terrific.


Hi Jason - You mean Stadium Club? This was actually better......and priced right too.


I've been here before, I bought a box of goat meat stir fry (not sure if that's what it's call, but it's the only goat meat dish there)... around 15-20 bucks can't recall, but it's decent.

East san diego has alot of places with cheap food, and they're not bad. I mean these days what can you get for 3.50... the material for the dish is probably in the 2-2.50 already, plus the gas/time to cook. East san diego is a heaven for those that doesn't cook at home. I just made pho, 8 bowl for around 30 bucks, without accounting the gas costs, I can't even cook for cheaper at home (yeah it's real depressing lol).


Hi Clocky - Actually, I've been to many of those places and some are pretty bad. This one is worth the price.

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