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Thursday, 01 September 2011



Facinating article on the original farmers who discovered the site. I was there aprox 10 years ago and rmembered how sad and bored looking the old guy was waitng to sign his signature for tourists. The terracotta soldiers are still one of the most awe inspiring things I have visited. Too bad the dumplings weren't that great but they sure are pretty


Hi Mike - I thought that article was quite interesting as well.


amazing warriors! and those dumplings looks so intricate but delicious.


This is one of the best posts/photos on the Terracotta Army that I've ever seen. Wow! Too bad the food was underwhelming, but you can't have everything.


The terracotta warriors was one of the highlights on my trip to China. We also went to the same restaurant (I think) for the dumpling banquet. Most of the dumplings weren't very good, but they all looked so pretty.


Hi Kat - Those dumplings aure were pretty, but weren't very good.

Hi SJ - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!

Hi Sandy - I guess you visted the same restaurant! The terracotta warriors was one of the highlites of our trip as well.


Wow, it must really have been something to have seen the terracotta warriors in person--lucky you! The dumplings look really pretty, too bad they were disappointing :\

Catty Critic

Whenever I see terra cotta warriors, I can't help but think of the 3rd Mummy movie with Jet Li. Thanks, Hollywood.

Those dumplings look beautiful! Too bad they weren't as good as they looked. :(


Hi Tofugirl - It was qutie a sight indeed.

Hi CC - LOL! Thought the same thing when I saw Ta Prohm....couldn't help but think of Tomb Raider.

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