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Wednesday, 07 September 2011


ed (from Yuma)

You gotta work on your Chinese pronunciation, dude. That cumin lamb just looks evil - a mild and tasteless kind of evil to be sure, but certainly not appetizing.


Hi Ed - LOL! I believe I'm pretty hopeless in that department........ but not as hopeless as that lamb dish was! ;o)


Grey meat is just evil. Don't feel bad about your pronunciation, Kirk. For all the years the Mister and I have been together, the only phrases he remembers are "go pi" and "tao yan." Oh and of course "xie xie."


ah it was too good to be true...your version looks tons better!


That grey meat looked like the packs of ground beef when i leave them in the fridge too long. Although after the "great" blackout of 2011, a trip up to SGV might be a good idea, just not to this place.


That's too bad the food wasn't all that great - especially when you have to drive 2 hours for it! How was the weather that day - was it scorching hot??!

Never had homemade yogurt? Was it more tart than anything?

Hope you survived the blackout last night!


So sad, and so rude of you to distrube the young lady ;-). I would have made a u-turn.


Hi Carol - Grey is just an unappetizing color...especially for meat.

Hi Kat - It really doesn't take much to make an ok cumin lamb.....

Hi Jason - I hope you aren't eating that ground beef!

Hi Faye - It was pretty warm, but nothing like this past week.

I know Billy, how dare we interrupt that Chinese game show!

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