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Saturday, 24 September 2011


The Food Detective

Crispy pata! So cholesterol-laden yet so good! Hmm...Was it a good thing that I missed this dinner? Did regular rice come with it? Where is the halo-halo???

$24 bucks with all that food is not bad at all. At Conchings, it's about 8 bucks a to-go box.


sounds like a nice get together and lots of good food.


Very nice Kirk! A great selection of food you had, altho' $17.75 is a bit steep for nilaga (in my opinion). I remember when that place was Max's Fried Chicken. :)

On a side note -'bulaklak' means "flower" which the fried intestines resemble. i'll have to try that one day.

What, no "chocolate meat"?


I think it's been about three years since I've been there too. I'm thinking that I may have to make another visit...


I'm surprised that Filipino has not made greater inroads in the US, considering its got such an earthy character and "soul" food sentiments attached to it. Such hearty flavors and richness should play well here.

The Food Detective

One more thing-where is the sisig?


Hi TFD - All that food for four and you think we're ordering more? ;o) Actually sisig is on the menu...but it's not the turo-turo type sisig, it's the Sisig Pampanga, the original type that uses pig head, ears, and liver....just in case you were thinking of checking it out.

Hi Kat - Lot's of fried food....what could be better!

Hi CC - Yes, that's the place....the chicken seems to have fallen on hard times tho'.

Hey Jack - How're doing? I think it's probably time.

Hi Jeff - I'm not quite sure too.....


So glad I came across your blog! I am from Oahu and married to a Marine. We just moved to SD after being stationed back home in Hawaii for 4 years. Iʻve been craving Filipino food lately (Iʻm filipino and miss my momʻs home cooking) but donʻt know where to go. Will have to check this place out.


Ever since my Filipino neighbors introduce me to vinegar dip. I dip almost everything fried with vinegar. Yum
Some reason it cuts the greasiness taste out and better yet aids in digestion ;-)


Steamed Rice :O} :O} :O} :O}
Garlic Rice :O/ :O/ :O/ :O/
Bagoong Rice? Off I go to "Google."


Hi RQ - Thanks so much for reading, I hope you find the info here useful.

Hi Bill - Yes, it is good stuff, and does help cut richness.

LOL AZ! I couldn't help but think of you!


Great dinner! We ordered more than the group of 10. I love crispy pata!
Now we know why they don't serve beer...the distance to the Church across the street.


Hi Ange - Yes, too bad.....that's perfect beer food!

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