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Tuesday, 13 September 2011



Ooh, let me know next time you're in the area. I haven't been to Mariscos Hector's yet. It used to be "Wanna Taco" (yes, that was the name) but it went out of business several years ago.

baltimore jack

what's with this "...the mrs.... the mr....??"


Hi BJ - What's with this Baltimore Jack stuff??? Why...why...why??? Why not???


I went there almost a year ago w/ the Mr :D Their margarita is decent.

ed (from Yuma)

Nice discovery. Pretty walking area too. I'm amazed that you can keep finding these places.


It was completely unplanned this time, cc, but next time I'll let you know. The whole mall looked so new as well as the interior, I thought it ws a newer place. Excellent food.
Welcome to our blog, BJ. We all like to remain anonymous here; there are so many kooks on the interweb.
Excellent interrogatives, Kirk.
It was lunch time and we had just walked so didn't think of alcohol, yy. Food was excellent and will bring us back.
Just put me behind the wheel of a fueled up vehicle, and I'll find something interesting as I drive about aimlessly, ed. It is our idea of a 'vacation' schedule, stop when we see something interesting- to walk, shop or rules. So far it's been fun and I am glad I can share.


Man, what a HUGE menu! All of it looks tempting. Why can't there be a location further north, like right across the street from my office? ;)


The menu is variations of the seafoods and sauces, JF, kind of like a giant Deli menu. When family comes to visit and wants seafood, I always try to take them to a Mariscos place. Do you have any fruiterias or Mexican Markets near your work? Those places have hidden treasures.


The nearest place is a small market on Camino Ruiz in Mira Mesa in the same strip mall as R&B Filipino food. They don't have anything prepared, but I do go there when I need supplies for home. There is a small place that makes good lengua in the same mall.

Also, a new place recently opened in the Target Mall where Rice King used to be that serves champechana and seven seas soup. But not the variety of seafood you'd find in a real mariscos place. I'll have to drive out to Clairemont Mesa for an extra long lunch the next time I need a fix.


La Playita, or did you have someplace else in mind, JF? Palominos has good cocteles and soup but is concentrating on chicken rather than fish dishes. Hectors seems to be wonderous and will be one of the 8 days of birthday feasts for the two of us later this will El Titanic.

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