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Friday, 02 September 2011



I miss New Glarus! Jealous...

Passionate Eater

Haha, you had me fooled! I was just as incredulous as the waiter at the Madison restaurant when you said you would get "totally naked!" Who would have thought Madison would delicious spicy intestines?


When I read the title, I thought you ate something so spicy, you had to get naked and jump in some cold water haha. Makes no sense I know, but that's the first thing that came to my head

ed (from Yuma)

Great post :-) and funny!!

Hangzhou Hero

And a million fangirls (including my girlfriend) screamed in frustration...


that beer sounds fun to order :)


best title of a post ever! :)


Hi Vicki - I enjoyed the stuff from New Glarus, though I thought Lake Louie's beers were better.

Hi PE - You really didn't think I'd have....well, at least I don't think I would have..... or perhaps I hope I wouldn't have....

LOL Sawyer......

Hi Ed - I'm glad you enjoyed the post. It was just too tempting.....

LOL HH.... good god.....

It is Kat..... "I'd like to get...totally naked!" Here they throw you out of the bar...there they give you a beer.

Hi CC - He-he-he...... I just couldn't help myself.


good beer is always a good thing, good beer with a great name is fantasic and lots of fun! =)


Hi Lynnea - I did love the name of the beer! It went down nicely in the humid Madison weather.

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