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Wednesday, 14 September 2011



That's really funny, I totally was at Ikea yesterday and saw that crayfish plate! Got the meatballs as usual though.


wow, I cannot handle the uncivilized crowds at Ikea... so I didn't know about all this delicious food! That is an excellent feast for $4, I'd go just to pickup some lox, that's also a really good price! Thanks for pointing it out


Crayfish party? Like the name of that dish. I have a love/hate with crawfish. Hate cracking them open but then I feel accomplished once I've gotten to the flesh.


Wow wow wow! I haven't been to Ikea in ages but now I have a reason to go! I'm not a big crawfish eater b/c I think it's alot of work to eat :)

I love their cafeteria - makes me feel like I'm a million bucks when I'm there b/c their food prices are so low...


You had me at crayfish, Cathy. Love crayfish and what a deal on all those dishes!

I usually start to think about "cold-weather" recipes around now like hot-pot, if the weather is mild. Hard to think about winter foods when it's 90 degrees out. I'm waiting until after Halloween to start planning the sausage-making. ;-)


I do so love the consistency of the meatball plate here, too Dennis. But really, never have been disappointed with any item-and this was good and won't be available much longer.
Not all of the food here is fresh made, but rather reheated/thawed (the same stuff you can buy in the Swede Shop, even the meatballs) so as to be consistent at all stores, fh. I have found it all to be very good and comforting. We have a rule- if there is no parking sort of close or off to the side of the lot, we just don't stop that day. It can be stupid crowded sometimes.
Party on a plate, Liz. The Mister grew up in Boston and can crack a lobster like it was made of balsa-the crayfish were simple for him.
Hi Faye! We were just recalling this past week how we always went to -and really liked- cafeterias-at University, and out here there was a Furrs and a really cool French/circus themed cafeteria in a round building where Gordon Biersh is now. That sort of eating and food is somehow comforting.
The crayfish are really good here, Carol. I adore dill as a flavor with fish and all seafood. Halloween is the official start of Autumn in my mind also, but this Labor Day to Halloween time is a special time also-birthdays, winter planting (since the tomato plants and slowig down, the corn, beans and melons will go and squash will be ready to pick) and fewer out of town visitors, so the house doesn't have to be perfect...


I've only recently discovered crawfish, and I love them. I would really like to try the Scandanavian brine.

And I don't think I could step in an Ikea without grabbing a bag of meatballs.


The crayfish with dill do have a different flavor point than crawfish prepared with Cajun spices, Rod. Both are excellent and highlight the flavor of the bugs. The crayfish party plate is an easy way to sample a taste of Sweden. (Crayfish are in the freezer next to the meatballs)

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