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Saturday, 10 September 2011



sounds like an amazing experience!


Wow that hot air balloon ride sounded so dreamy. Definitely on my "before I die things to do" list!


this is a great post! what nice photos too. I love the way all the balloons have different patterns and colors.


Interactive ballooning and a hike...with cookies. This was such a fun vacation. I really like this post.


Hi Kat - It was unforgettable.......

Hi Dennis - Having never been on one of these before....the peacefullness was quite surprising.

Hi Lynnea - It does make for a dramtic scene.

Thanks Cathy......we did quite a bit on this trip.


I guess it's better to tell your guests that they are getting extra time out of the goodness of your heart rather than panic them with information about a missing crew.


Hi Jan - Actually, he didn't find out about the crew until we were looking for a place to land. There's not much to panic about...these guys are so skilled.

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