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Saturday, 27 August 2011



Great shots. What is going on with those walnuts in the mixer? They look like they are still in their shell, but then there is paste surging around them?!?


What a fantastic range of snack foods! I really enjoyed the Chinese-Muslim food I had in Beijing; now I just wish we also made it to Xian!


How were the skewers?


Hi Heidi - They are being roasted in salt. That's how they roast walnuts.

Hi Su-Lin - You know, I do have a pretty nice Uyghur post from Beijing coming up....I hope I manage to get it done before the next year! ;o)

Hi Jason - Amazingly.....they aren't much better than what I make at home! Really cheap though....

Passionate Eater

What a plethora of street food! Sometimes you can get really lucky, and sometimes, you end up getting greasy and rancid dough like you did. :( I am bookmarking this in case I ever go to Xian!




Hi PE - It is a crap shoot of sorts. I don't think you'll have much problem finding the Muslim Quarter if you're in Xi'an, it seems like everyone is there!

Hi Bill - It was a fun place to visit!


I just got back and ate LOTS of those dried crispy chili peppers (I have a high heat tolerance!), but was sad when I could not find them in either Beijing or Shanghai - do you know where to get them here in the states via mail-order??? (the photo I mean is of the tilted "sheet pan" full of just chilis with a few peanuts)

Thank you for the wonderful trip photos!!!

Here are mine:


Hi Andrea - Love your photos. We saw those type of chilies in Jinan, but not Beijing, though it could be we weren't trying hard enough! Let me see if I can find at least the Chinese name nad we can start there.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Tried the Rou Jia Mo at Xi'an Famous Foods in NY (at least I think its the same thing it was called 'Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger' but looked a lot like that) and although I liked the filling the bread was a bit bland. Although I imagine that's how its supposed to be? The cumin lamb hand cut noodles were outstanding though, the texture is impressive.

Do you have any posts on Shanghai? Headed to Shanghai to visit my dad in November and would love to see any posts you have on where to eat. My dad is not really a food person ('food is fuel' etc etc) and I tried searching Shanghai but naturally that pulls up 11+ pages of posts!


Hi JS - Sorry to say we haven't been to Shanghai yet.....though I've got a bunch of friends who are or have family there. You'll eat quite well! I can get you a list if you want.

J.S. @ Sun Diego Eats

Kirk - a list would be amazing if its not too much of a hassle!! I'll check back this post or else email to [email protected] would be lovely :)


Ok JS. Let me see what I can do.

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