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Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Ooo, the grilled veggie salad at Tender Greens is fantastic. I haven't been in ages, but I used to go almost weekly with my work group when I worked near by. It looks a bit high end/veg, but we had a pretty wide variety of eaters in the group and everyone really liked it.


Hi Ish! The last three times I got the Grilled Veggie Salad and have tried the entire menu in one way or another here. The vegan selection was just waiting for me and now is another new favorite.


I absolutely love this place; i'm on a high protein/veggies very low carb diet and this place is perfect. I've never had a bad salad there and, for the non vegetarian & vegans, the chipotle chicken and steak are incredible. Personal favorite I love the spinach salad but I'm a spinach nut anyway


hi cathy - i like the flank steak here! it's been awhile since my last visit - i think i want to try that vegan sampler plate you had. i've never had farro and spelt before so now i'm curious.


Hi Cathy! Really enjoy Tender Greens. That 'Happy Vegan' option looks super good! I just may try that next time I'm there.

ed (from Yuma)

That food looks so healthy and yummy. I want some of that salumi.


Loren! Add in the daily walks, and we are having the same way of living. I've never had an overdressed salad here, either...first time we came here was for a lunch- and we drove back that same night for dinner!
We've had the "Backyard Steak" here also, cc- an excellent choice. Farro is the Italian word for spelt, which is wheat...Farro seems to be "the" new menu item in places lately.
Hi Dennis. The vegan is yet another excellent choice here.
Oh ed, the food here is various combinations of salads, sandwiches and plates. They've had the house made salumis for a while and I do crave the charcuterie platter as a snack...

Ed (from Yuma)

OK, OK, it took Tina and I nearly two years after this great post to get to Tender Greens. But hotdam it's good. Wonderful lunch salads. The Nicoise was great, from the seared albacore to the roasted potato wedges to the wonderful tender greens. And crispy green beans, good olives, capers. And the daily special salad had huge chunks (thick squares??)of Italian bacon, apricot slices, micro-greens, lettuces, candied walnuts, almonds. OMG good. You always kept saying how wonderful this place is, but it was even better.


*So* happy you finally did make it here, Ed. Fresh and fresher and somehow perfect... Honestly, this is the only place ever that I went back to for a second meal on the same day as the first ever visit.

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