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Tuesday, 02 August 2011



great hearing about your adventures, keep them coming!


ha i know where the next turkey travel-post is going to be from! =) i always love your posts but i'm especially loving the turkey posts. hubby and i went there in summer 2008 and it looks like we went to a lot of the same places as you and the mrs. your pics are way better (plus love your accompanying posts!) but if you ever want to see another traveler's perspective, check out my photo set even with about 20% of the photos privatized (i tried to privatize close-ups of me or hubby), you can still see that we went to a lot of the same places in turkey! oh and this is totally unrelated but i wanted to ask if you've ever eaten at berta's in old town. i don't think it's listed on your site so probably not, huh? i recommend trying it out sometime if you haven't already been there (they have their own parking lot which is really handy in old town!). okay that's it for now. i hardly ever comment but i am a faithful reader!


Thanks Kat!

Hi Dancing - I love your photos! And we did go to many of the same places.... I hope you enjoy my future posts on Turkey. As for Berta's, we've been quite a few times, but not in, say, at least six or seven years..... I guess we're overdue for a visit! Thanks for taking the time out to comment!


When we were touring the Med, there were cats everywhere. They are all so cute, especially when they do their "zen" pose, I call it. I'm sure their digestion is used to the local cuisine and spices. ;)

Ew beets! That is one vegetable I cannot get myself to like. It always tastes like dirt to me.


what beautiful plates of food. the peppers look amazing too, so nicely charred. Love! the pictures of the cats and what fun to feed turkish kitties bits of kabob. =)


Hi Rosa - These were very cute...... they just patiently waited for a hand-out.

Hi Lynnea - Those peppers were very nicely charred!


Thanks for the details in your posts- it is what makes this the best food blog!

kebobs are more tender /moist...gamey but not spicey....wet rice.. and so forth really helps to imagine the experience with the photos.


Hi Chris - Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post!


ooh, I love that last photo... and the one with the kats! The area is so picturesque and the food looks delicious, what fun to read and follow!


Hi FH - Selcuk was a great little town...and walking distance to Ephesus too!

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