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Friday, 19 August 2011



Man, I sure do crave kale sometime. Not a bad thing I guess.


The seafood vendor looks good. We have a chicken vendor in Santee. No mojitos or pupusas either; shaved ice and tamales. Looks like a good Farmers Market; will have to stop by.


nice, nice kale prep...


I adore lemon cucumbers. I see them only rarely (like once a year or less) in the international market here, but crave them all the time. I love the texture and all the seeds (I know most people don't like the seedy parts of cucumber or tomato, but it's my favorite part!!).


Hi Kirk,

Those lemon cucumbers, do they taste like cucumbers? It reminds me so much of a Taiwanese fruit called Hsiang Gua (fragrant melon). The outside appearance is just like the lemon cucumbers, except it is green, the size of an apple. Oh, the fragrance of those melons are sooooo good! Juicy and lightly crunchy at the same time... Have you seen those anywhere?


Not bad at all Jan!

Hi Cathy - It's pretty small, but I enjoyed what I got from there.

Thanks Nate..... not much really.

Hi H - They do have large seeds, but the flavor is quite intense.

Hi Tenjo - They have a really strong cucumber flavor. I know the melons you're mentioning. They have them at Zion market from time to time in case you're looking for them!


This is great! The only other farmers market with any amount of Asian produce is the Mira Mesa market on Tuesday, but that one is such a huge hassle to get to and from that I've only been twice. (even though it's tchnically on my way home from Escondido- but man, Mira Mesa Blvd in the afternoon is a PITA!)

I'll check this one out on Thursday!


Hi Jenkey - There are only three stands with ASian produce, so it's by no means a large amount of Asian produce.....but I hope you find some good stuff! Good luck.


It's more than you'll fine at any of the other 4 markets I frequent! (well, two of those I actually *work* at, so I don't know if that counts)


Let me know what you think if you do drop by!


Will do!

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