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Thursday, 18 August 2011



Interesting, if I'm recognizing it correctly this was the former spot of La Peep, which used to be on my semi-regular weekend brunch spots before it closed down. Might have to go back and give Roasties a try... food looks pretty good and the prices seem about right. Thanks for the review!


Yup, that used to be a La Peep way back when. I miss the one in Poway. The inside looks so different. Might have to stop by for breakfast on a weekend. Poached eggs and seared ahi sounds really good.


Thank you, Jason, I added the name Le Peep to the post; never had posted on it. The prices and food at Roasties so far are very good. There were a few people who had walked in via the back door, from the apartments behind the mall. If locals go there, it's good. I liked going early and avoiding crowds.
Next time I'll try the "Eggs Pacific"- basically Ahi Benedict, to avoid the weird toast thing, Carol. Same price.

ed (from Yuma)

How you keep finding these places. . . Nice post.

Yes Mister

Thanks for the find; Roasties is next to my workplace and for some reason it's ALWAYS empty. That's never a good sign, I guess they had some kind of reputation before.


Yet another unplanned stop for the two of us, ed. Just like we were on vacation...
Hello, YesMister. Welcome to our blog. I looked up some independent 'reviews' and it seems the menu has been updated and some of the procedures here have been changed since Roasties opened. I think it's worth a stop, especially since you are so close anyhow. The prices are good, the selection is just combinations of basic ingredients (a good thing) and from what we had, the chef knows what he is doing. As I stated, the toasted bread was oddly textured once it cooled, but that is not a deal breaker for me.

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