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Monday, 01 August 2011



Hi Kirk! Funny the number of times I've been to Sakura for dinner I can count with one hand. I also need to go to Tsuruhashi again soon!


Hi Dennis - We usually end up at Sakura for early dinner before the crowds. That way we can get dishes with fishes (like the rhyme?).

ed (from Yuma)

You and Dennis both keep finding things at Sakura that I've never had or sometimes even thought about. The yukke bi bim bap from Tsuruhashi looks good too.


I would've thought it was maguro. There was a huge issue about serving raw meat in Japan before I left for the summer...


Hi Ed - It's one of my favroite things that Tsuruhashi makes. The Missus is really enjoying Sakura again.

Hi Kat - We're real careful about where we consume raw meat.....


got me! my guess was raw tuna :/

I once had the tako wasabi at Sakura it was served in a cocktail glass I found it difficult to eat with chopsticks please tell me am I supposed to chug it like a drink? LOL


Hi Chris - LOL! You're suppsoed to eat it with chopsticks....though you can bring your face down to meet the food halfway!

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