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Monday, 29 August 2011



hi c! what a great find! those samosas look fantastic! i'd eat those with the harissa sauce though. :)


Hi Cathy! I always thought the hot sauce shop next door was neat but haven't been here since the expansion into the restaurant. Used to be my free wifi spot. I had an awesome Egyptian/Mediterranean breakfast there called Ful.


The falafel sandwich special looks like a good amount of food for $5! Too bad the falafel were from a dry mix. I'm always on the lookout for crisp and fresh falafel.


I used the salsa with the samosa, cc and it worked out. The spices were just right, but I can see how harissa might be even better.
We were there pretty early on a weekday, Dennis, and there were a few people using the wifi inside. I posted on the Foul breakfast enjoyed at Garden Fresh smoothies. It's a favorite breakfast of mine.
It was a lot of food, Alyssa- a special on the chalkboard out front. The falafel being cold and not greasy made them a grain to eat, so it kind of tasted 'right' in the wrap. Fresh falafels are at Mystic Grill, Sultan and Valley Foods.

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