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Monday, 15 August 2011



They are usually a hit or miss.

I've been there twice in the past 3 months, and one time everything was perfection and the second not so much.

But overall, it is still a pretty decent place.

Their coffee and drinks are pretty good as well if you haven't tried them.


Hi Alice - That's too bad.....consistency is a key to a successful restaurant...well, being constantly good that is.


Hmmmm... sounds like an interesting option, that salmon sandwich does look quite good... maybe this place is worth a stop on the way to Costco. And if they are having a bad day, you can always get a hot dog!


Hi Kirk! I hope they fix their inconsistency issue since your brunch dishes look delicious and that area does really need a good place to eat.


The Kobe Beef Burger looked awkward! The meat doesn't even look like meat!

I've never had smoked salmon w/ arugula before - that's an interesting combination that I need to try out.

Is Seisel's the same as Iowa Meat Farms?

Is there parking for this place? How's the seating?

Nice post w/ great pics :)


Hi Kirk! Nice article in the Reader. :-D

I'm glad you posted about this place cause I've been meaning to go--my friend gave me a gift certificate.

Do they have the salmon sandwich all the time, or just for brunch?


I saw a coupon for this place awhile ago and when I checked the hours I thought, well, I'll never have time to go there! Nice to see they have some brunch hours now, but its weird to see a place without dinner or Saturday service!


Hi Kirk as an observation it seems like the bun on that burger has been deflated. Is it a brioche bun? Those are OK but as odd as it sounds I like a burger on a Kaiser roll that stands up to the meat but that is just my opinion.


LOL Jason! That'a a great strategy!

Hi Carol - I hope so too!

Hi Faye - Seisel's is owned by the same folks as Iowa Meat. The place is bistro-sized, not huge, but of a nice size. There's parknig in front, and a good sized parking lot to the North of the palce.

Hi Jennne - Somehow, I knew you'd enjoy that one! ;o) They have the sandwich on the lunch menu.

Hi Mary - I guess the folks think the location is good for just breakfast and lunch.

Hi Chris - I believe it was a brioche.

Green Turtle

Hi Kirk, not related directly to this post, but just wanted to get your advice on Shanghai style cuisine. Since Shanghai City's gone now, where's the best place to get XLB and those big rice filled shumai? Thanks.


Hi GT - Honestly, not being smarta$$..... I tihnk you'll have to go to LA.

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