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Tuesday, 12 July 2011



I just tried this place recently also. The fish tacos there are a buck and the El Prieto truck is now 1.25.

I think the truck gives you little more toppings, the fish are close to the same size. for a buck it is a great deal.

The truck still does a ton of business and may even outsell this place.

This place seems like you are in mexico with its spartan interior.


hi cathy
that's it! i'm going to finally try that out especially for the buy one get one ceviche tostada! and the marlin taco and the manta ray machaca taco! i see this place whenever i go down south but have never been in there, always wondering how good it is...great post!

ed (from Yuma)

You scored, girl! I can't find mantaralla machaca anywhere in Yuma currently. And smoked marlin, too. Color me jealous.


That street is pretty busy, Buddha. The 99¢ tacos and toppings seemed good; I will have to compare though. It does seem like you are in a foreign country; I ordered in English and every word spoken to us in there was in Spanish.
Definitely stop in cc. Signage like this draws me in. The food will draw me back.
You have places in Yuma which make me jealous, ed. This was a very lucky stop. We want to go back to try the plates.

Darryl Brooks

This sounds interesting. But were there any crab dishes on the menu? I love all seafood but I really go for crab so anything that involves crabs or crab meat is all good.


I did not see cangrejos on the menu, Darryl. The two pages showed variations of items (tacos, burritos, quesedillas) using fish, shrimp, octopus and clams as well as some House Specialties involving fish and shrimp and "gallo" (rooster). I can't say I have seen crab on any mariscos menu. Welcome to our blog.

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