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Wednesday, 27 July 2011



The tea flavored mushroom pork looks delicious!


hi cathy - i would totally eat those squid ballz! and not just because they are named 'squid balls' either! they really do look good!


The rice that was shaped to match the plate made all the flavors come together, Nate.
You know I *had* to order something with that name, cc. The menu has them listed as "tea flavored fried squid balls" but I didn't taste any tea/tannins in it. They were really good.


Oh I had no idea they expanded. It's been so long since I've been there. That's good though since they are always so crowded. Have you ever had the brick toast? I love getting that for snack/dessert there.


One of my fav snack place :)


Hi Kirbie. I have had the plain butter toast, when I was just snacking, but my friend ordered the peanut butter toast last time and it was really good.
This is a great place, Yy. A little more 'upscale' than other boba places.


This is one of the worst restaurant ever. Everything is so expensive. Boba teas are usually below $4 but they charge over $5. A plate of dish is usually $6, they charge almost $9. We found a dead roach in our beef soup. We told our waiter about it but he didn't do anything. So, we told the manager. She came over and told us sorry and walked off. She didn't offer a free dish nor a discount. After we asked for the boss, they just ignored us. After waiting for 20 mins, we decided not to leave any tip and left.

It was a horrible experience. We will never go back.

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