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Saturday, 09 July 2011



Frankie looks so cute there, and yes, very hot. I guess he just knows how to elicit attention =)


aw Frankie...sending you happy thoughts of tradewinds Kirk

ed (from Yuma)

Heat -- you have no idea. Yesterday, a weather station less than a mile from where I live had the temperature at 121. That's pretty crispy even by Yuma standards.

Don't know how Frankie and Sammie would do over hear. Give a whole new meaning to hot dog.


That is EXACTLY what my dog Chert did all week. :)


Yes, that looks like the floor in our home. I think I need to take Extra and just have them shave him. Nutmeg and Tangent have short hair and seem to do well by merely moving from tile floor to tile floor. The cats decided the sinks were quite cool.

I need some mariscos!


Hi Lynnea - Frankie hadn't reached "stage 2" yet.... where he starts panting and letting his tongue hang out.

Thanks Kat - I think we started receiving them last night!

Hi Ed - Sammy and Frankie are pretty wimpy when it comes to hot and cold..... I guess they are San Diego dogs!

Hi Jan - That's funny...... how dramatic...

Hi Cathy - I hope you folks managed to keep somewhat cool! Da Boyz are probably going to get a haircut this week.

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