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Saturday, 16 July 2011



cute shirts! funky foods.


Fun post! I love the look of those little cups, they look so cute like stuffed mushrooms but better because the cup sounds delicious. Does the little white doggie great people who come in the shop?? so cute.


Hi Kat - We get a kick out of those shirts.... especially since most folks around here have no clue what it says!

Hi Lynnea - That was one of dogs in a shop we passed on the street, he/she was so cute I had to take a photo.


I think my favorite dish here would be the minced duck with wheat cups. But I'm really curious of the treasure scroll dish as well. I don't think I've ever had the seaweed roll at dim sum.


Those cups look so cute. I want to try the dish just because of the cups. Okay now you have to translate the treasure scroll dish story for us! The shirts are so funny.


LOL I love the shirts. Very cute.


Hi Dennis - That was a very good dish.

Hi Kirbie - I think you'd enjoy that dish.

Hi Rosa - I know you're one of the folks who wanted to know what those shirts said.

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