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Thursday, 28 July 2011



Wonderful photos, great post. I just checked and it is 21 miles to downtown San Diego from our home and 42 miles to Jeremy's. We can do this. We will. What a nice vacation!


Sounds intriguing, although I cant help but wonder about asparagus in July at a restaurant that sources local ingredients!

ed (from Yuma)

Try it, Cathy, I think you'd enjoy. It is pretty quiet up there this time of year.

Good point, Jenny, local asparagus season seems to have passed (certainly in the Yuma/Mexicali region). But he may source stuff from out of the area when needed or perhaps asparagus grown at 4,000' in SoCal is in season now. Julian certainly has its own microclimate.


Great post. The restaurants in Julian proper are really bad, and overpriced. Next time I go up, I'll drive a little further to find this place.

ed (from Yuma)

Yeh, give it a try Stephen. We also had a couple of meals at Julian Grille (perhaps there'll be a post). I just read somewhere that the old bbq joint on Main has new owners, so that place may be upgraded. We'll see.


In Julian right now and headed to Jeremy's momentarily. what other dog-friendly activities should I check out while we're here?

ed (from Yuma)

Hey, Brian, hope you enjoyed Jeremy's. We mostly walked with the dog -- hard to do that much this time of year in Yuma. We spent one morning just going around Julian itself, but the best walking area seemed to be at Heise park -- about 4 miles off the road between Julian and Wynola. Dogs are more restricted at Rancho Cuyamaca Park, but are allowed in the main picnic area and on the paved trails leading from there.


Thanks for the park tips.

Jeremy's was great. The waitresses doted on our dog, and the food was fantastic. I had the Ahi and while the fish was great, the red cabbage was the real standout. That stuff was delicious.

We're in town for a couple more days, and I've got a sneaking suspicion last night's dinner might not be our last meal at Jeremy's.

ed (from yuma)

Glad you enjoyed Jeremy's. Wish I had tried the seafood there instead of Julian Grille. They were nice to our dog also -- even had a doggie bowl with water in it for her.

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