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Thursday, 07 July 2011



Well at least I know what to avoid. Speaking of beef rolls, I recently had the one at 101 Noodle House in SGV and really really loved it. Do you have a favorite place for beef rolls?


I think this is the first time I've seen xiao long bao served not in a bamboo or metal steamer. How is it supposed to stay mouth-searingly hot for the diner?

I perversely find your negative reviews to be as entertaining, if not more so, than the positive reviews. This one made for a fun before-work read this morning!


too bad about this place, at least they care enough about the dogs though.


Love the commodore 64 line =) Honestly, once somebody finally starts putting some really good food in that area of town, I might start hanging out in Downtown but until then, it's hard to want to go down there.


Hi Kirbie - 101 Noodle House is where I usually take folks who want to try Niu Rou Chuan.... the SGV location. I haven't been to the new Irvine location.

Hi Fred - LOL.... I'm glad you (perversely) enjoyed the post. ;o)

Hi Kat - That bartender is very kind and nice!

Hi Lynnea - I don't know where that line came from..... ;o) It's too bad that the food is dumbed down, there was some potential.


wow commodore 64... not bad is at least a positive assessment. And you got to hang out with some good friends at happy hour. Yep, I'd be scared of eating sushi at a dragon's den as well.


Hi FH - Yes, I was quite underwhelmed......

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