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Sunday, 10 July 2011


I was just there this past Tuesday for their AYCE ($20 on Tuesdays for dinner)! It was my first time and I had no idea what to order, so I got their lamb shoulder, lamb wontons, some greenery, the buckwheat noodles, prawns, squid, and tofu that never arrived. Any suggestions? I LOVED just about everything that they brought out, but the spicy broth was a little too spicy. I also saw people get dipping sauces, but I think I had to ask for it. Any advice for my next AYCE trip there?


Nice pixs!


Those pictures were great! Looks like it was a nice bday dinner. What were those wontons in the pics? Have you ever tried the winter melon there - it's one of the best items IMO

Happy belated bday to the Missus...

ed (from yuma)

Nice to hear about the AYCE on Tuesday.

And I do not stomp around the desert when it's 120. I huddle inside listening to the hum of the AC.

And **News Flash** Yuma was officially named the hottest city in the nation by Weather Channel.

Miss Morsel

Had no idea they opened a Little Fat Sheep in SD. Putting it in my notes for my next trip below (I'm from LA) in case I get tired of Mexican food!


Hi NWF - One of the annoying things about LS is that they charge for dipping sauces....though according to them you shouldn't need those. We like the frozen tofu, watercress, winter melon, and various mushrooms aas well.

Thanks Nate!

Hi Faye - Yes, we like the wintermelon and watercress. They were out of both on this day.

Hi Ed - Lucky you!

Hi Miss Morsel - Oh my.... Little Sheep has been open since I believe around 2007.


I haven't been to Little Sheep in so long. I still smile (and get hungry) when I think about my first meal there with you and Cathy.


Crazy like a fox!


no way, hot pot on a hot day would not be for me, you're brave...


Hi Carol - Well perhaps another visit is due....once it cools down a bit of course!

LOL CP! It's nice to hear from you, i hope all is well!

He-he-he Kat......

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