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Monday, 18 July 2011



I just had my first Ethiopian food experience a couple of weekends ago. It was fantastic, even the raw beef dish! Very flavorful, spicy... And the best thing about using injera as your plate and utensil, no dishes to wash afterwards! :)

Andy Sze

didn't that space used to be Picasso tapas restaurant?


Looks like a great meal! My sense of scale is off though, is that sampler platter enough for two people? That looks like a perfect way to give a new restaurant a try.


Your post sent me off to see if there were any Ethiopian restaurants in my area. While reading several of their menus and other information I came across this: "Traditional Ethiopian etiquette disapproves of licking fingers while eating...." Bad Ed!


Never had Ethiopian food but I might just try it based on your post, Ed. Chloe is adorable and congratulations on the new pup! Her face looks kind of like Mackey's, a German Shepherd mix we're fostering right now. Same floppy ear and coloring too.


Great post! Kind of pricy but you're paying for the Hillcrest location. Nice to know there's another dining option there. :)

@AndySze - Bayu's location is on University. Tapas Picasso is on 4th Ave.


Matthew and I went to Bayu for a lunch buffet just to see what it was like and it was very good. We'd never had ethiopian food though and thought it was going to be a lot spicier. it was still very good but I wouldn't mind trying some spicier versions someday!

ed (from Yuma)

Just got back from Julian, so sorry I haven't replied sooner.

Welcome to Ethiopian food, Rosa. I find it flavorful and tasty too.
And yeh, Jason, that platter easily could feed two but it actually says for one on the menu.
Thanks for the info AZ. The hostess was kind not to mention my gaucherie -- but maybe that's why I didn't get the promised water bowl to wash up. My friends are just happy that I don't pick up plates to lick them after meals.
We don't know anything about the dog's genetics, Carol, but her underside, rump and tail underside are even lighter, almost blonde. Give Etiopian a try, and Bayu would be a good place to begin.
The food, cc, was expensive, but it was also extensive. And as you said, in Hillcrest.
Glad you liked the buffet, Lynnea, and I agree that some bolder and more fiery flavors would be good. I'm just not sure if Hillcrest is ready for Ethiopian hot. Maybe the restaurant should ask for heat preference on picante dishes the way most Thai places do.

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