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Wednesday, 01 June 2011



wonder what it will turn out to be...


I get that, "wtf AM I craving for?" feeling sometimes, but luckily not all the time. Can't wait to read what finally (maybe) satiated your craving.

ed (from Yuma)

For some reason, I am now craving a bowl of egg noodle soup . . . but out here, I can't even have a bad bowl. Wah!!


Hi KAt - Stay tuned!

Hi Carol - I really was craving something.... but wasn't sure what it was.

Hi Ed - It could be that some of the Chinese places might make Egg Noodle soup out there.



The main problem with Minh Ky is the's way too dry and chewy and big. I also think it's very over rated. It's a great place for non-asians 1st timers but if you've eaten at Golden dragon or another one on Hill st in chinatown LA since the mid 70's you would know what wonton egg noodle was about.

Or if you watch shows like Bourdain no reservations and see the egg noodles in hong kong or Singapore you see what egg noodles should like like....and sorry it's not Minh Ky.


Hi David - Actually I think Minh Ky delivers on decent inexpensive food. No, it's not the great egg noodle soup I grew up eating in Hawaii in the 60's-70's-80's, nor even close to what I enjoyed in SF in the 80's-90's or even during the five years we lived in LA. But this wasn't some zero-sum egg noodle hunt. So I find your comment somewhat obtuse....

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