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Thursday, 30 June 2011



Sausage and omelette, yum! Guess that wouldn't be too far off from the smoked ham and omelette I made the Mister this morning.


The Greek gyros and eggs looks like a geat thing!


Oh Carol. Smoked ham. The leftover Easter ham (purchased in front of Fat Ivor's as Meat by the Side of the Road)was heavenly perfect in a breakfast omelette I made in April.
The gyros and eggs was really great, Nate. I have tended to purchase gyros as a plate or in pita sandwiches on meals out with consistent regularity. For some reason the realization that the gyros seems to be exactly the same...the flavor and texture never vary: always good, never bad, never different. I think there are few suppliers of ready made gyros and it's just a standard purchase for restaurants.


Lets just say I can't wait to see Kirk's greek food posts... it's been about 7 years since we visited and I can still taste the gyros we had in Athens. If someone opened up a place who could make gyros like that here in San Diego I think I'd visit every day.


If there were such a place, I'd be right there with you, Jason. I'm enjoying the small history lessons from each of the Turkish posts. Food and history; it's life.

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