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Sunday, 12 June 2011



I want to try the chocolate covered bacon.


Man I'm totally craving Spam now... Maybe this is the year I will finally check out the fair for the first time.


Oh, Carol. It's dark chocolate on top of well cooked, thick slices of bacon in a Chinese take out box which is taken from the freezer when you pay for it. Heaven...sweet and salty. If you don't finish, it can be refrozen. I know this.

If you have the time, you should go to the Fair, Dennis. It is not only tradition, but educational and just plain fun.


Does i get really crowded at night?


There's a concert on the Grandstand Stage every night, Nate, and sometimes those concerts charge admission. I know the opening night was Joan Jett (a free concert) and they said attendance was up by 3000 from opening day the year before. Saturday was sold out (some popular group I don't remember). On those more popular evenings, it is crowded, as well as the 4th of July, which has a fireworks show at 9 p.m..


hi cathy - i can't wait to go to the fair now!!! i love the flower contests and the hobbies/collections while my daughter loves 'the world of horses'. and crap, i missed joan jett! i love her! she's my idol!

well, speaking of SPAM, my husband proudly wore his SPAM t-shirt today. we are currently in berkeley but were out and about in sausalito/marin/san rafael today. i could use some SPAM right about now.

The Food Detective

Which food booth do you recommend? I love that massage chair! I saw online that tuesday is same day. I want to sample everything.


I am so hoping to make it tomorrow to the fair. (If you still have a way to get access the Fair tickets for me, email me?).

I have never been a fan of Spam. I'm not sure why. Grandma tried to make us eat it when we were kiddies but for some reason, sis and I never took to the taste.

OH wow - the flower contest looks beautiful. Do you know if it's open pretty late at night or do they close it off at a certain time?

Can 't wait to see you food post on the Fair!


It looks like fun! We can't wait to go. :) Also looking forward to the food post.


The problem with the fair is those Australian battered potato slices that they cover in cheese and ranch sauce. You eat too many of them, feel sick, swear you'll never order them again... but then make the same exact mistake next year. I dunno why I keep torturing myself like that...


Joan Jett and the Blackhearts will be performing on June 30 according to the website, cc! It was just Pat Benatar on opening day. I hope you are having a good vacation and that all of you enjoy the Fair whenever you get there.

I like to try things I can't get elsewhere when I'm at the Fair, TFD. Definitely the cream puff. Sometimes a smoked turkey leg or smoked meat from the other two BBQ places on the midway. I also like the batter fried artichoke hearts and falafel burger from Roxy's (right next to the cream puffs this year). There are fried cheese curds at a booth on the midfield of the RaceTrack- where Kiddieland is. I plan to try those my next visit. (Oh, I love the "Footsie Wootsie" massagers. Best 25¢ I've ever spent)

It's open until about 10 or 11 each weeknight, Faye. That coincides with the Grandstand concert ending and giving those people a chance to walk the Fairgrounds one last time. There are changing flower shows since the buds dry up over the course of the displays. I grew up with SPAM and now have it about once a week. I'll do my food post, but you need to try things *you* are curious about. I see they got rid of the "zucchini weenie" which just didn't work any of the last three years.

Hi Lori! Enjoy this wonderful local tradition. It's a day of fun. have to do what I finally did...tell yourself you'll get the Australian battered potatoes- as your LAST food purchase before leaving the Fairgrounds. Buy everything else you want to try and then IF you are still hungry, allow yourself to get them. I haven't had any for four years now...

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