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Thursday, 09 June 2011



hi cathy - very nice preview of the fair! i was lucky enough to be gifted with free tix to the fair so i am definitely looking forward to going! free is always good. well, the food won't be free but it will be fun (and probably disgusting) to see what the husband will try eating this year. don't know about the deep fried koolaid though.

i've always enjoyed your fair posts...looking forward to seeing the collections as well!


I scored some free tickets to the fair, so it's nice to know what I'll be in for. I'm looking forward to going, if only to marvel at the newest concoctions that the vendors have come up with.


I love seeing the before and after pictures of everything. It's so interesting! Can't wait to read part 2 of your post


I am going next Tues. It's $3 admission if you go to Albertsons (I think you have to purchase min $5 of items there). But that, on top of the $2 sample Tues, yesss!!! I have not been to the fair in YEARS so I really hope we make it next tues .

Hope to see your food posts from your next visit!

ed (from Yuma)

Great post. Love the before/after shots. And the quilts. And race to the diners -- now that's so mmm-yoso!


Thanks, cc! The deep fried Kool-Aid looks like fresh made donut holes with the dough flavored with dry cherry flavored Kool-Aid. There are some very interesting collections (including a year of toilet paper tubes)...

Good on the free admission, Alyssa. If you use the free parking, then you'll have even more $$$ to spend on tasty treats or gadgets. Don't forget the reasons for County Fair-for Farmers to show off their harvest, the skillful and animals that have been raised.

Thanks, Kirbie! I've tried to make each group of annual posts different.

If you can't get in this Tuesday, Faye, I may be able to get you some tickets. Since you haven't gone in a while, Tuesdays are good days to be able to taste a bunch of items. I'll be posting about a one day contest in addition to some of the more interesting as well as 'healthier' food choices.

Exactly, ed! I did post about Smokey's Lake Hodges Diner last year, but never thought of doing all the back country diners in the county...wish I had thought of it!


I've been waiting for this post. :-) I saw a shot of the chocolate covered corn dog this morning on Fox 5 news. It did not look very appetizing but the fried onion rings looked delicious. I really want to go this year but with so much going on this month, not sure if we'll make it out there.


I crave good onion rings too, Carol. I'll try to let you live vicariously with some good follow on posts.:)


KoonThai is now open. Ms.PedMa has been 3 times now, pretty authentic. Had moo ping, boat noodle, fish ball noodle, sukiyaki, they have some good stuff on the menu. Ask for Com and say Cookie sent you!

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